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Aug 23, 2007 10:26 AM

Roasted hazelnuts with honey and 5 spice powder?

Does anyone know where to order roasted hazelnuts with honey and 5 spice powder? We ate them in Harrison Springs, British Columbia a few weeks ago and I could kick myself for not bringing some home.

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  1. Not that this is really an answer, but it sounds like it shouldn't be too tricky to make at home.

    There's some info on roasting Hazelnuts here:

    And I suppose it wouldn't be too much of a leap to add honey and 5 spice to taste. Otherwise, try contacting the place you got them from- They may be happy to pass along the recipe.

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    1. re: GilloD

      If I only remembed the name. It was an outdoor stand attached to a store right in the town of Harrison Springs catering to the tourist trade.

      I also thought that I might try making them at home, but the hazelnuts were the best I have ever eaten with great honey. I am thinking about them now.

      1. re: veggielover

        They sound delicious. I might even try and cook some up this week. If I manage it I'll let you know what happens!

    2. In Calgary:
      There’s a stand at the Currie Barracks farmer’s Market (right across from Phil and Sebastian) that does lots of different nuts and nut mixes in all sorts of different seasonings.

      I’d bet if they didn’t have what you were looking for they’d be willing to listen to the idea.