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Aug 23, 2007 10:24 AM

Tengda vs. Kazu, Norwalk CT

Just moved to the area and we're thinking of going for sushi at Tengda in Westport tonight, but just saw that Kazu in Sono gets good reviews too. Anyone recommend one over the other?

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  1. Forget these two, I have not been Tengda, but Kazu is way overrated. Head to Wasabi Chi in South Norwalk for a Nobu like experience.

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      I just saw this place when I was in Sono last month. Can you post more info? What have you ordered? What are your favorie dishes?

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        Just checked out Tengda in Darien. Having moved from the city recently, 1) its been tough to find good, fun restaurants, especially sushi, and 2) its hard to get used to eating in strip malls.

        This restaurant makes you forget your're in a strip mall once you're inside which is nice. The sushi is the best I've had in Fairfield county to date, very fresh, well cut , tasty and presented nicely.

        The other dishes were ok. Appetizers were average, spring roll was good, duck crepe was a little tough and salty. Mango chicken was excellent and the best of the entrees. The curry seafood hotpot which was supposed to be a highlight according to the NYT review below looked fantastic, but lacked real flavor.

        All in all a good experience and a lot of fun. An added bonus was the fact that had our favorite style of unfiltered, cloudy sake as well as a good selection of other beverages. We will be back.

      2. I have eaten at Tengda several times and have yet to have a bad meal. In fact, the meals have been excellent. We've eaten sushi as well as other dishes that were prepared beautifully and very fresh. Give it a try!

        1. I have beent o tengda in darien actually, the meals are good and yes Kazu is overated just to simple... but if you liked nobu you will love Wasabi Chi. My favorites are Tuna Millenium and the yellowtail jalapeno and for some reason the always have fresh otoro that is my favorite sashimi

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            I just posted about Wasabi Chi on another link. For sushi we love Matsu Sushi in Westport They have an incredible selection of maki rolls and the sushi is very well made and fresh. They also don't slather the sushi in wasabi paste like so many other places. The only thing is their appetizers are pretty boring, which is why when we go to Wasabi Chi we load up on all the little plates.

          2. I had dinner at Kazu Saturday night and just thought I would post my experience.
            We tried to go to Barcelona, but after almost an hour and no table in sight we decided to go elsewhere. Kazu is right across the street (and it was freezing out!) so Kazu it was. Even though it was close to closing (around 10:30) and they were almost empty, they were very welcoming.
            We sat at the sushi bar. We ordered miso soup which I thought was better than average. Then an order of the chicken and mango summer rolls. These were just ok. I didn't really taste the mango and there was mayonaise in them which was unexpected and sort of over-powered the roll imo. I'm not the biggest fan of mayo, so others may find this roll to their liking better than I did. Lastly we had a large plate of sashimi which was very good and very fresh. The pieces were quite big, almost a little too big in my opinion. They only had a few types of sake, but they seemed well chosen and I liked that you had 3 size options for each kind, when most places we go to seem to have either no option, or 2 only.
            All in all the food was quite good and priced very well. Since it was so late we didn't want a heavy meal and ordered lighter than we usually would, but with 2 drinks (1 sake, 1 beer, Kirin I think) dinner came to about $45 pre tip.
            I LOVE Nobu, so we plan on trying Wasabi Chi sometime soon, but it sounds like they are not really comparable to Kazu which seems more traditional.

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            1. re: SweetPea914

              We love Wasabi Chi, in fact just were there on saturday night. We actually never order sushi there because there other dishes are so good, we just get a ton of little plates and share. Our favorites are Tuna Millenium, Tuna Tartare w/ tempura chips, wasabi calamari, crispy sea bass w/ soba noodles and plum sauce. The steamed pork dumplings are good, as is the tuna pizza, ceviche and miso cod. We did have sushi the first time we were there and it was very good, but the other items cannot be had anywhere else in the area. That being said, it does seem as though most other tables around us always have sushi. Hope you get to try it soon!

              1. re: sibeats

                Thanks for sharing your faves. The dishes certaintly sound like Nobu! When we go there we never order the sushi either as much as we love sushi. It just seems so boring comapred to all the wonderful dishes offered.
                When we go I will certaintly be trying some of your reccomendations!

            2. i've been to both several times.......if i had to choose i'd pick tengda over kazu (even though i think kazu does have above average sushi)........tengda just had dfferent concoctions and a tad fresher sushi .......and they seemed to pay a little bit more attention to detail (food wise)........but i'd definitely recommend them both!!!!
              p.s. try koo in rye.......their sushi is on par with nobu's freshness

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                I haven't tried Koo yet, although I've heard really good things about it. Haiku is in walking distance to my house and is often compared to Koo, so we usually get lazy and stay with Haiku. I'll have to get out of my comfort zone and check it out!