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Aug 23, 2007 10:21 AM

Trying to choose (Jar vs Hatfield's vs Opus)

Next month I am heading to La for a couple of nights, and I need help settling on a restaurant. One night is already booked at Osteria Mozza and I'm having trouble deciding what to do the other night. I've basically narrowed it down to Jar, Hatfield's, vs. Opus.

It's a Monday night, so I thought Jar might be fun with it's mozzarella menu but I have a few reservations - 1) pretty much every time was available on and I HATE empty restaurants, 2) do they offer the regular menu as well on monday's? 3) Could that be way too much mozzarella since I'm sure we'll have a bunch at Mozza the next night?

Opus I'm also nervous about because it has gotten a bunch of mixed reviews (people either seem to hate it or love it) and since it also had every time available on

Hatfield's sounds like it is a safe bet food wise, but my dinner companion is bringing her teenage daughter and while I've heard she's an eater I'm worried that this restuarant might bore her since I've heard it's not much of a scene and has pretty plain decor.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've been to all three and enjoy all three so it is a tough one. Happy to hear you are going to Osteria Mozza - LOVE it there.
    Jar - they only offer the mozzarella menu at the bar (unlike Osteria Mozza where it's part of the normal menu) so you have the whole regular menu to choose from.
    Opus - innovative cuisine but if you are worried about the place being empty, this may not be the choice for you. I've noticed it only tends to be busy on nights that there are shows at the Wiltern (music venue right next door)
    Hatfields - very nice and pleasant atmosphere. It's a small restaurant. Tends to be an older crowd.
    Of those 3 options, I would suggest JAR. Hope that helps

    1. I love Opus but haven't been to the other 2 places (been wanting to check out Jar). I think Opus has great food and service has always been superb every time I went there. Like bruinike said, it gets a bit empty sometimes, but personally, I really don't mind that since I know it's not a testament to how good their food is. Of course, it doesn't hurt that for how good I think their food is, the prices aren't too shabby either and their decor is cool. Definitely try their tasting menu.

      1. I have been to Jar and Opus and enjoyed both very much. I think it depends on what kind of food you want. While I've not had anything from Jar's mozzarella menu, I have had the pot roast, which is one of the best things I've ever eaten (ever. seriously.), and the ribeye (also fantastic). The sides are great too (try the purple yams). Jar's menu can be summarized as upscale comfort food.

        My Opus tasting menu experience was also great, but a totally different feel from Jar. There are a lot of combinations of ingredients you don't see (or at least, I don't see) many other places. Depending on the teen's tastes, the menu might be a little bit intimidating for her.

        1. i would personally choose hatfield's for the following reasons:

          Jar: mozzerella only available at the bar and the bar will be packed by 5:05 or earlier. the rest of the restaurant will be empty and it is a decent sized restaurant. although the food there is stellar.

          Opus: i like the food at Opus, but the reviews are mixed and again, it probably won't be busy on a MOnday. Too chancy, I say.

          Hatfield's: Tiny restaurant, but gaining in popularity. Even on a Monday it shouldn't feel empty because it is so small. And iot is a fun part of Beverly to walk on. After or before dinner at Hatfield's, stroll east to Grace and have a cocktail in their lounge. Beautiful restaurant and they have great bartenders.

          1. I think Jar is your best bet. Everyone will like the food and it is probably the least intimidating menu for a kid. I have sat at a table on two Monday nights and both times we were able to convince our server to let us try a couple of choices from mozz. night.