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Aug 23, 2007 10:02 AM

Best places to eat and/or food shop on Sawtelle in Santa Monica?

I'm heading over to the Japanese nursery over there at lunch time (between Santa Monica Blvd. and Olympic -- actually closer to Olympic), and wanted to ask advise from people who know that area (it's my first visit there, ever), for places they would recommend for a solo lunch and while I'm over there if there are any good markets for tea, fish, just any good places to browse for anything your basic foodie would enjoy?

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  1. actually, that stretch of sawtelle is in west la. =)

    for lunch, there is orris, kiriko, curry house, blue marlin,sawtelle kitchen, etc.

    however, if you are in the mood for a good bowl of ramen, i'd head 5-10mins SW to the santouka in the mitsuwa market on centinela/venice.

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      Unfortunately, Orris is not open for lunch. I wish it was, I'd like to try the place. There are a lot of good places to eat on Sawtelle.
      - Curry House serves curry as well as Japanese-fusion western food (tarako spaghetti, etc.. It's on the 2nd flr. of plaza where Nijiya Market & Beard Papa is located.
      - Hurry Curry serves various types of curry on rice and on pasta. It's across in the strip mall across the street from Curry House.
      - Little Hong Kong Cafe for Chinese. Decent lunch specials. Mabo tofu is nice and spicy.
      - Manpuku is Japanese-style Korean bbq but I think it's run by Koreans. Really good lunch specials for $9.00. Great with a tall Asahi super dry.
      - Pho Reign if you need pho but can't go to the SFV/SGV.
      - Ketchy's II is a little burger joint. Not the greatest, but cheap.
      - Yuzando has a great sushi/sashimi lunch combo for $19.00. That is also nice with a small Asahi super dry (no large size bottles at this place).
      - Yashima in the Olympic Collection has udon and rice bowl combos. Very filling. They have Asahi super dry there too, can't remember if they have large bottles or not.
      - Furaibo has a lot of beer but I don't think they're open for lunch.
      - Gre/at has a nice hamburger for about $8.00.

      well, take your pick and give it a shot. enjoy

      1. re: ladius

        We like Little Hong Kong Cafe quite a lot. Unfortunately they had a fire and are still closed for repairs when we there two nights ago.

        1. re: Servorg

          Oh i didn't know that's what happened. I remember I went to eat there a few weeks ago and was shocked to see that it looked like it was being remodeled. I thought they moved out and a new restaurant was going in. thanks for the info.

      2. For food shopping, I go to the Nijiya Market on the east side of Sawtelle just above Olympic. While there, you might try a Beard Papa just a few doors down.

        The lunch Omakase at Kiriko is fairly reasonable for what it is. But you have a lot of choices. I second Orris and Sawtelle Kitchen.

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        1. re: Ogawak

          I like all of the places recommended so far. Last night we decided to go back to 2117 for dinner as we hadn't been in a while. We went in about 6:20 or so. Only one solo diner on the patio and we were the only ones in the dining room until we were almost finished with our meals.

          Despite that dinner was very good. My wife started with their appetizer sized chicken salad which comes with baby greens, cucumber, cilantro, fried noodles in a sesame soy vinagrette. This was really an *ample* sized portion. She shared a third with me as I wasn't having a starter and we were both satisfied with the amount of salad we got.

          For mains she had the Spaghetti Bolognese and I had the Kobe style meat loaf steak (kind of a cross between American meatloaf and a giant hamburger) that included a port wine reduction sauce and it came with sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes. Again, big portions and both meals were really good.

          With one coke and a glass of shiraz the bill was $60, plus tip. I plan on going back again soon. I hope that they get more customers than we saw last night.

          2117 is at 2117 Sawtelle in the first little mini mall north of Olympic Blvd. (in with Hurry Curry) on the west side of the street.

          1. re: Servorg

            2117 also has great lunch specials.

          2. re: Ogawak

            The lunch omakase at Kiriko is a great deal at $32.

          3. My favorites from when I lived down the street(!). Hide sushi (cash only) and across the street, Asahi ramen.

            1. A bit further down Santa Monica, past Federal, there are some great oxaccan places.

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                Juquila at Federal and Monte Alban one block east of Bundy - both places on the north side of SM Blvd.

                11619 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

                Monte Alban
                11927 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA