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Aug 23, 2007 10:00 AM

Source for Gaffel Kolsch - Philly or Bucks?

Looking for cases of Gaffel Kolsch. Wondering if anyone has seen them at their favorite distributor. Was buying singles from Foodery but that's gotten expensive. Am in West Philly, Center City and Newtown/Lower Bucks area.

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  1. Did you try Springfield Beer Distributors located near the intersection of 27th and South Sts.? Their selection is pretty broad.

    Springfield Beer Distributor
    600 Schuylkill Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146

    1. The BeerYard is worth the detour to Wayne PA.

      I just checked, and Gaffel Kolsch is on their "normally stocked" list. But you should still call before you go to make sure they have it.

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        cool, thanks, I'll give those places a try when I go back to work after Labor Day.

      2. I just had some myself last night at the restaurant Teresa's Next Door in Wayne (126 N. Wayne Ave) which is also right by the Beer Yard. Their beer list is fantastic - about 24-26 beers just on tap - including Gaffel Kolsch...yummy!

        1. Not in PA, but I saw this at Total Wine in Cherry Hill last week. They have great prices, and a very good selection of microbrews and imports. If you get into Delaware ever, there is also a store right over the PA border, and you don't have to pay any tax in DE.