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Aug 23, 2007 09:50 AM

La Fogata in Pittsfield--any recent visits

My husband and I are thinking of trying this place for dinner this weekend. Any information on what to order? Anything to avoid? Will it be crowded early on a Saturday evening? Do they take credit cards? Thanks.

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  1. We were there this past weekend (Labor Day) on a Sunday night and -- shock! -- it was not crowded. In fact, we were the only diners the whole time. They took my AmEx, so I think I'm safe in saying that they take the majors.

    As for what to get, I can recommend the chuleta a la parilla. The beans they use are quite nice, and the maduros come as entire plantains split the long way, not cut into chunks the way I'm used to. (My latino restau experience is not the broadest in the world, but not the narrowest, either.)

    I'd stay away from the flan. Tasted a bit artificial -- too meaty and no sparkle.

    The tamarind juice in water was delicious, and the Colombian beer (a pilsner, whose exact make I forget already) was refreshing and accompanied the meal well.

    I'm hopeful that attendance was more reflective of Sunday night of Labor Day weekend than the usual crowd at La Fogata, because the service was good, the food was good, and I would like to see them stick around.

    1. Don't miss the tostones!, The first time I had the corn cakes they were fantastic, but I haven't had good ones since. The entrees are all variations on meat, beans, rice, and sometimes fried eggs. Nothing is very highly seasoned, but I have allways found everything to be fresh and tasty.