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Aug 23, 2007 09:48 AM

Wild Blueberries or Italian prune plums?

Anyone seen them this summer in Boston-area markets? Last summer they turned up at Russo's around August 8th and were there for a few weeks after; it occurs to me that the month is flying by and I haven't noticed them anyplace, and if I want any fresh I'd better look right away!

Speaking of brief seasons, I suspect I'm already well past it but when to the little dark Italian prune plums show up?

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  1. I am in NYC, not Boston, but I just started seeing Italian prune plums this week. Incidentally, I bought them, as well as MI blueberries just the other day.

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      When the prune plums exit, promegranates enter!
      Both have some of the highest levels of anti-oxidants.
      Good for the eyes!

    2. I picked up some supposed "wild Massachusetts blueberries" a few weeks ago at Wilson Farms. I thought they were completely flavorless.

      Absolutely NO comparison to the 15 quarts of now "wild" blueberries my sister, her husband, and his friend and I picked down in Easton last weekend at a former U-Pick-Em farm bought out by a developer who has let the land go natural. Those berries are so SO incredibly sweet, even though they're the size of regular blueberries.

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        Hate to hear that. I got some great ones last year at Wilsons- they were really tiny and sweet. Was hoping to get them on my next visit.

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          Macca, I usually enjoy the ones I get at Wilson's as well. I'd try a couple out of one of the boxes <grin> before buying them. And these *did* say wild MA blueberries, not wild Maine (ME) blueberries. I've never had a problem with Maine wild blueberries.

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            Will definitely give it the taste test- which I usually don't do at Wilsons- but I will admit that I ALWAYS taste grapes if I am buying them at the supermarket near my office!
            I used to pick wild MA blueberries in the Fellway woods with my grandfather when I was a kid. They were so good- but that memory could be based on how much fun it was to pick lots of blueberries and then trek them home and bake pies and muffins with my grandfather.

      2. Arax in Watertown usually has prune plums this time of year.

        As do the 2 or three green grocers in the North End and Russo's in Watertown.

        1. we bought wild blueberries at the farmer's market at harvard (by the science center) on tuesday. i don't remember the name of the stand, unfortunately. they were very expensive--$5 for a container--but are quite tasty. they are actually better than the ones we picked a few weeks ago up at a farm on the north shore (those might not have been quite ripe.)

          1. I saw prune plums last year around this time and later at the Union Square farmer's market. The same vendor is there this year (can't remember the name) so I assume they will be available there soon.

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              I just got some yellow Shiro plums and the farmer told me prune plums would be next.