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Aug 23, 2007 09:45 AM

Safe Drink List

Please help me avoid being socially awkward! Do you have any suggestions on what bar drinks to order in specific situations (out with the bosses, out with the SO's colleagues, friends or family, etc.)?

I am not a huge fan of wine, or else that would be the safest/easiest choice. I always find that cocktails with vodka is overpowering with what I think turpentine would taste like. I usually ask for a rum-based fruity drink and leave it up to the bartender, but they often don't like my indecision.

I need a list of classic drinks, that any semi-incompetent bartender would know! TIA

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  1. Rum and coke?
    Malibu and Cranberry?
    Cuba Libra?
    Captain Morgan's and Pineapple?

    These are all simple cocktails, ordered by ingredients. All have rum, and all are easy to drink.

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    1. re: Dave and Stuff

      Thanks for your suggestions, Dave and Stuff. I actually like Malibu and pineapple (something about the coconut and pineapple flavours together -- very summery), but I feel like an unsophisticated kid ordering it! Maybe I just shouldn't care what I think others think.
      Not a fan of cola, so I don't order rum and coke (which is what I think Cuba Libre is basically?? plus lime juice).

      I guess I could just go back to a Rye & Ginger.

    2. Just a hunch, are you a beer drinker who is looking for something a little more sophisticated for certain social situations? I've been there. Where I can get it I like a black and tan, stout floated on top of pale ale ( ). It's still beer but it looks impressive and often that's enough to pass.

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      1. re: inuksuk

        Thanks for your advice! If I had a beer, I'd probably only have one -- they're pretty filling, especially if you are layering it with Guinness! I don't mind a beer once in a while (prefer it to wine), and usually order a Keith's. Very smooth and not too bitter.

      2. Some you could try:

        Vodka tonic - Its not that overpowering with vodka, might be worth a try.
        White Russian
        Rob Roy - Good drink when the weather is cooler
        Seven and Seven

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        1. re: Scott M

          Mention of the Sidecar reminded me of this:
          Despite the associations, I think I'll try to remember the Sidecar, White Russian and Rob Roy for my next "occasion"s! Thanks!

          I forgot...Amaretto Sours are a safety drink for me too. I need to write out a list...

          1. One thing I often order is an amber rum with ginger ale. Almost all bars have ginger ale and an amber rum. Mount Gay is probably the most commonly available amber rum of decent quality. It's a very common drink among people who enjoy sailing, which is where I began to drink it. Rum and tonic with a good squeeze of lime or lemon also works ok.