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Aug 23, 2007 09:24 AM

Where are good OC Coffee Shops, besides Starbucks

Hey Everyone,

I just moved to Tustin and I'm looking for good coffee not associated with Coffee Bean or Starbucks. A nice place where the atmosphere doesn't feel like it was part of multi-million dollar marketing plan.

Any ideas?

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  1. Hi sohni47. Tustin and all of Orange County are covered on the Los Angeles board, so if you repost there you're more likely to find something relevant.

    Good luck and would love to see you report anything you find that's good.

    1. There are three places that I will frequent in my avoidance of the evil empire. I notice that atmosphere is important to you, but these recommendations are more in line with high coffee standards. Kean Coffee in Newport Beach (17th and Irvine) is great- Martin Diedrich does the roasting and the baristas are well trained. Kaffa is on Main Street across from St. Joseph's hospital in Santa Ana is likewise dedicated to great coffee, though the atmosphere is not exceptional. There is also a newish coffee house on Walnut and Glassell in Orange, just down the street from Chapman University that does a good job and has SCAA posters on the wall (always a good sign.) I think it is called Chapman Coffee. Any one of these three is light years better than Starbucks, and though none of them are particularly close to Tustin, the focus is on the quality of coffee and it shows.

      1. Try the Lost Bean on Newport and Irvine Blvd. I support this place because it isn't a major chain........and the coffee is organic and better than the chains!