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Aug 23, 2007 09:05 AM

Asian Grocers?

The one Asian grocer we had in Methuen, MA just closed up a few months back. Boston is too far to drive. Does anyone have any idea where I can go for Asian groceries? Help?

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  1. There are several Super 88 markets in the Boston area. Here's a link:

    Perhaps someone will know of markets that are closer to where you are.

    1. Hey perfectchef. I agree Boston is way too far with the traffic and all.

      There is and I hope it's still there a big Asian grocer on 128 in Salem, NH? It's in the plaza next to the Texas Roadhouse. Check it out. Sorry I can't remember the name.

      1. I know there at 2 in Waltham...but I think one of them maybe closed. Oriental Market I think is what it is called on the corner of Elm and Central

        1. I haven't been - but did a search for Lawrence, (used to go to a Dr. there, and I knew saw one in my travels).

          Came up with these two: Saigon Market, 298 S. Union St., Lawrence. (978)689-8606, and Shin Shin Oriental Grocery Store, 603 S. Union St. Lawrence, (978)686-0813.

          1. China Merchandise on Rt 3A in Burlington is a good pan-Asian spot.
            It's opposite the highschool football field, in the back corner of an L-shaped strip, hard to see going outbound - look on the right/northeast side of the road for "Metro" and turn into that lot. Inbound you can see it on the left.

            Nowhere as big as an 88, but a useful place nonetheless.