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Aug 23, 2007 08:49 AM

Mashti Malone's best flavor?

As part of a gathering, a group of 10 will be having a Mashti Malone's tasting.
Have had the following so far:

Chocolate fudge brownie: My favorite
Black cherry: a must
herbal snow: surprisingly very very good
sour cherry faludeh: not too crazy about it
pineapple-coconut: good, but have had better
creamy rosewater: OK but have had better

Can anyone give me suggestions? We're going to have an ice-cream course MM's tasting.
Would also like your ideas on progression.

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  1. My favorite happens to be ginger rosewater. I like serving a scoop or two on top of a giant fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie.

    My husband likes the mango.

    1. My favorite flavor has always been the orange blossom pistachio - I prefer it over the rosewater flavors. However, after going back to Mashti's after a long hiatus, I was surprised during a recent visit at how much the ice cream reeked of waxy emulsifiers and at how much air was pumped into it. The mouthfeel was rather unpleasant. It reminded me of flower-flavored Thrifty Ice Cream.

      1. Boring and not unique, but my favorite flavor there is their Cookies N Cream. Best version of it that I've ever had.

        My SO is in love with the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor. I think there is also a Blueberry Cheesecake there too that he likes.

        As far as progression, I'd start worth the lighter/fruit-based flavors since they're more delicate and then proceed to the heavier/cream flavors.

        1. My personal favorite is the rosewater saffron that is studded throughout with pistachios. It can only be improved my occasional douses of the pomegranate syrup and lemon juice.

          I tried the Persian ice cream at Rose Market over on the westside once because I heard it comparable to Mashti Malone's and was excited to have a closer option, but it didn't even come close. Their ice cream had a weird aftertaste, but only after did I notice that half the flavors were "light" and made with soy milk so perhaps that was the case. It didn't taste like soy milk either which I don't think has an aftertaste, but wasn't worth returning for another shot.

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            I like the rosewater saffron too, though the orange blossom one is a close second.

          2. Orange Blossom & Pistachio is my classic favorite.

            The new lavender is nice, but I think I like the texture the pistachios provide.

            They used to make a variety of Saffron with Cardamom for a restuarant nearby and keep an tub of it in the back and let me have some when I'd stop by.

            I'm kind of off the dairy products lately so I don't go very often any longer.

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            1. re: typetive

              Thanks a lot everybody.
              I ended up getting ginger rosewater, cookies 'n cream, chocolate fudge brownie, raspberry sorbet, black cherry, and herbal snow. I also got the Maeda-en lychee sorbet from Marukai. While I still enjoy the chocolate fudge brownie the best, it was the fruit flavors that reigned supreme on the tasting, with black cherry the overwhelming favorite, with the Maeda-en lychee second and surprisingly, the herbal snow came in third.
              Thanks all for your suggestions.