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Taasting Menus in Austin?

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Can anyone recommend some restaurants with tasting menus in Austin, in a variety of price ranges? I did a search and someone liked the one at Wink. Others? Thanks in advance.

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  1. look into the following restaurants-

    Aquarelle: http://www.aquarellerestaurant.com/me...

    Driskill Grill: http://www.driskillgrill.com/menus.html

    1. Uchi has an omakase option - about 9 courses with dishes from the sushi bar and kitchen. I think it ranges from about $160 to $200 per night.

      1. Zoot has one as well. It's always delicious and I think it's around $50 without wine or $80 with.

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          Yes, I agree, Zoot's tasting menu is always delicious, with wonderful and different paring of ingredients. They have a vegetarian tasting menu also, that can be vegan if needed with a few hours prior notice.

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          The search function really is much better now.