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Aug 23, 2007 08:29 AM


First, what is "bar food"? For me it could be a great burger, plate of wings or a small pizza to go along with a cold beer. Could be a fried fish sandwich too. I like Arubas for that. The Ale House for the wings. Best bar pizza? Haven't found it yet. How about you?

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  1. Table 8 South Beach
    kobe style slider, red onion marmalade, garlic roasted tomato
    grilled cheese sandwich with pulled short rib
    fried olives stuffed with chorizo
    ementhaller and gruyere cheese fondue with tuscan bread
    ahi tuna marinated piquillo peppers, olive tapenade
    cheese plate with seasonal accoutrements
    grana padano (cow), camembert (sheep), drunken goat (goat),
    fourme d’ambert (cow), manchego (sheep)

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      Clarke's wings, irish spring rolls and mini wellingtons......yum!

    2. Ultimate favorite bar food: Bill's Elbow South at Oviedo Marketplace (Orlando). Huge non-breaded wings in the usual mild, medium, hot, or teryaki or garlic. You can also get their chicken fingers dunked in any of the sauces. We love the teryaki. Also one of the only places I know of in the area to get perogies (they are awesome), served with the best green beans anywhere. They also have burgers, nachos, pizza, beef stroganoff, etc. Great bar with better than average tap options, including my faves Bass and Yuengling. Skip the garlic bread they bring to the table - it is dense and bland - and save room for the King of Oviedo dessert (fried ice cream on sopapilla, topped with whipped cream, honey, and cinnamon) or the Queen of Oviedo (same except on a brownie instead of sopapilla and with choc and caramel). Desserts are enormous, enough for four people. Hint: Bar tables are first come first served. We almost always skip the wait by taking a bar table. Live music on weekends.

      Second favorites: Fiddler's Green in Winter Park, and Raglan Road at Pleasure Island. Both have great Irish food and live music.

      For gourmet bar food, reasonably priced: Midnight Blue in Thornton Park, Orlando. Large menu including four kinds of sliders, white mac & cheese, potstickers, tempura haricot vert.

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        In downtown Orlando, try the (brand new) Celt & Harp on Magnolia, just a bit north of Pine Street. Same folks as Claddagh Cottage, but obviously a much bigger venue.

        I'm not yet sold on the Harp part of it -- which is a separate restaurant with a mostly Mediterranean menu -- no Irish food -- but give the pub a try for their Irish fare.


      2. Fried zuchinni sticks or jalapeno poppers with cheddar!

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          Ok,,What is a Bar? Does a bar need to serve liquor to be a bar? What is a PUB? if they only sell beer and wine they are a pub, not a bar. OR Any place that has a counter with beer taps is a bar?

          OB's 1750 north in Deland. $10.70 for a thick delmonico with fries or baked potato Salad and bread! Best steak in town for the money! And this place is a bar! Smokin, drinkin, and dancin permitted!

        2. I was delightfully surprised to have an awesome and huge crab cake sandwich with a spicy aoli at Red Dog Cafe off of Bay to Bay (before you hit Bayshore). It's a fun dive bar with of course hot waitresses flaunting with what they've got. They serve only beer there though..the only downfall. I love Ceviche off of Howard and Bayshore. It's kind of hard to find if you haven't been there before. But, I was there on a weeknight eating delicous mussels, garlic and goat cheese, and other delicious tapas late at night up at the bar. The staff there is unbelievably friendly! They are all so sweet to me every time I go in for a visit.