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Aug 23, 2007 08:28 AM

Best nolita / east soho takeout

I'm growing tired of all the places i go to. anyone got a place i'm not thinking of?

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  1. What are your regular places?

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    1. re: JennS

      regular places are cafe miro, lovely day, wild ginger, bite, despana, peep, hampton's chutney, etc.

      but it doesn't need to be along those lines. i'm more adventurous than that list....

      1. re: lightboxnyc

        i work in soho (barely) and was thiking the same thing.... every day we all struggle with what to have for lunch, that's reasonably priced (as if) and good...
        most of these are in our regular rotation:

        Hoomoos Asli
        Nolita House (beware lunchtime service is slow, but food is great)
        Thompson Cafe (salads, wraps, sandwiches)
        Silver Spurs & Okinawa are a bit further west
        Kelley & Ping
        Soho Park
        D & D
        Lite Delights (the place looks grungy, but it has cheap healthier salads & sandwiches)
        Cafe Angelique once in a while
        all a bit further west:
        Il Corallo Trattoria

    2. also, if you want to splurge on a lobster roll, i recommend ed's lobster bar. finally tried it yesterday, and they do take-out too.

      and the calexico mexican cart is pretty tasty!

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      1. re: PhishFoodie

        I go to the same places all the time too and am getting burnt out. Perhaps you may want to try them though:

        Karen's Deli on Astor Place
        Saigon Grilll on University Place
        Dean & Deluca
        Red Bamboo
        Sacred Chow

          1. re: pacz

            ah the calexico cart! i should have tried that yesterday. Instead i tried ruby's for the first time. not bad. now i have something to look forward to!

        1. I'm in Nolita and I order the following for delivery:

          Pizza - Lombardi's
          Italian - Il Baggato, Bread
          Sandwiches - Bread, Atlas Cafe, Rush Hour (just ok)
          Thai - Klong, Lovely Day, SEA (just ok)
          Mexican - Downtown Bakery
          American - barmarche
          Sushi - Ginger (just ok)

          1. best sandwiches by far are from Parisi Bakery on mott b/t spring and kenmare. they recently raised their prices but still are super cheap, humongous, and delicious.

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            1. re: lilnugget

              Do you have any favorites among the sandwiches at Parisi Bakery?

            2. Congee Bowery delivers. Dominican hole in the wall on lafayette btwn spring and prince.

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              1. re: DarthEater

                thanks for the calexico tip. just got back. burrito was stellar.