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Aug 23, 2007 08:17 AM

The Chateau going in where Naked Fish was in Westboro? [moved from Boston board]

I hear the Naked fish is gone, and a new French place going in. Anyone familiar with the owners/track record?

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  1. Chateau is not a French place, unless it's not part of the small chain that exists in MA. It's family Italian, and there's one in Waltham, and used to be one in Arlington. I think there may be a few others. They serve red sauce Italian; certainly better than Olive Garden, but not gourmet by any means.

    1. Sounds like one bad restaurant is replacing another.

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      1. re: Blumie

        The chateau is a wannabe 99. I used to get dragged to the Waltham location and be subjected to the "Gold Room". It was almost as bad as the Cottage Crest on Trapelo Road. Blue hair central !

        1. re: MABMAQ

          I always regret getting dragged into the Waltham location for work/going away lunches. I try to stick with basice parms over pasta, but rarely can finish more than a few bites. I don't think anyone could make red sauce any blander - must be to satisfy the blue hairs that frequent this joint. Next time I have to go, I think I'll try the fried seafood - its fried, how bad can it be.

          Mario's in Lexington on the other hand is like comfort food to me - I even requested their veal parm for my birthday dinner this year and it was very satisfying.

        2. re: Blumie

's quite good for what it sauce Italian homestyle cooking. The menu's broad and reasonable. The veal parm sandwich with fries or O-rings is terrific at lunch and only cost about 7-8 bucks. It's a huge step above Olive Garden and puts 99 to shame (which isn't hard to do). Even the fried seafood is pretty good.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Put me squarely in the "The Chateau sucks" camp (at least based on a couple of experiences at the Waltham location). I'd rather go to the 99.

            1. re: Blumie

              Indifferent staff, only thing that was tasty was overcooked green beans in an olive oil sauce.

            2. re: CapeCodGuy

              The Chateau's web site says they are opening soon in Westborough.

              My only Chateau experience is the one in Andover/Lawrence (Exit 45 off I-93 just north of I-495).


              Some quick thoughts:

              Buffalo Wings - Interestingly, they manage to get the "Buffalo" taste without being messy, putting the breading OUTSIDE the Buffalo sauce. In the end, I've decided I like this.

              Red Sauce + Pasta - Decent, considering that it's a mini-chain. My only complaint is that they tend to slather too much of it (about a cup of sauce on a small side plate of pasta is overkill; I always ask for "not too much sauce" on my sides, and they still pile on too much sauce!).

              Garlic bread -- you might be tempted to pass on the garlic bread because the fresh bread they give for free is excellent. You'd be making the wrong decision! They take the same fresh bread, add garlic, and (if you order it parmesan style) and generous helping of cheese to make something memorable.

              My wife's favorite dish: Eggplant Milano from the appetizers menu. Basically similar to an Eggplant Rolatini (sp?), which my wife adores. She orders that and the fried ravioli for her main meal, and adds a side salad.

              Their non-Italian dishes such as their prime rib on Friday and Saturday evenings are usually prepared nicely. "Medium-Well" usually comes out... well, "Medium Well."

              The lounge is large and lively, and that tends to be where my wife and I dine, since it's difficult for them to find "tables and not booths" in the main dining room. Lots of LCD TVs showing sports or Keno.

              Parking lot is large, but you may find yourself taking a long walk to get into the restaurant on busy nights (which is about every night).

              I'd rate the place between 2 1/2 and 3 stars.

              Chateau Restaurant
              131 River Rd, Andover, MA 01810

          2. I saw the sign, and wondered if that was the same Chateau as in Waltham.

            Oh joy...route 9 Westboro/Southborough really needed more Italian places. Zitis, Bertuccis, Il Forno, Arturos, Tomaso's definitely weren't enough. All we're really missing is the Olive Garden.

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            1. re: ChinaCat

              Be careful what you ask for. Applebee's is empty.

              1. re: trufflehound

                Too bad they didn't reopen it again as The Red Barn...we could use some good night life in the area. Saw some really good garage bands there... eons ago.;-)

                BTW - went to the "new" Chateau in Norton with friends not too long ago... can't say I was impressed. All the old good ITAM places with homemade pizza are long gone.. like Marconi's in Ashland.

                1. re: Lilibet

                  FWIW, the Corner Pub in Ashland uses Marconi's pizza recipe. Everything else is chef Sysco's recipe.

                  1. re: trufflehound

                    there is a chateau as well on rt 93n up at exit 45

                    1. re: trufflehound

                      Thanks TH...

                      My Dad worked at Marconi's for years as a bartender... he would come home past midnight with slices of all the unclaimed pizza's (I would wait up for him :-)).... the crust was unbelievable.

                    2. re: Lilibet

                      I think that it was The Yellow Barn.

                      1. re: Lilibet

                        Marconi's!!!! The memories come flooding back. Great food (if I recall correctly, I was probably 7 the last time I ate there). I loved their minestrone.

                        1. re: Westy

                          It was the Red Barn. They used to have a recorded message saying what bands were playing and that there was a dress code. If I remember correctly, part of it said " No jeans, that means" for some reason that has stuck in my head for about 30 years...