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Aug 23, 2007 08:15 AM

Romantic dining in Halifax

My fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon in Halifax in a few weeks. I'm a pastry chef and pretty serious about my food. Any suggestions for great romantic spots? Also for breakfast too if anyone has suggestions.

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  1. Best bets are Maurizio's and Fiasco. Some might argue the Press Gang for its ambience, but you if you like food and service than it needs to be avoided at all costs. I would argue Gio has the best desserts, but for me the main menu is a little like it wants to be like Ferran Adria but as the sake of forgetting about how the food tastes. Fid lacks the romance. Good food, nice and small but too open and cold for a romantic evening.

    1. I'd suggest thinking about making the trip to Lunenburg and going to Fleur de Sel.

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        Agreed...Fleur de Sel is best restaurant in Nova Scotia. I was limiting myself to Halifax but if you have vehicle drive to Lunenburg.

      2. Have to second Fiasco. Great room, impecable service. The only thing that I can't speak to is the desserts, because I have always been too full! I get tricked in the apppetizer section, I HAVE to have the calamari, and there is always something else that looks so good that I have a second, so there's no room left for dessert.

        1. I would go to Shaw's Landing for breakfast. It's about a twenty to thirty minute ride south-west on Rt 333 from Halifax. They probably have the best homemade smoked fish platter I've ever had. It's on the water, ambience is very relaxed and the eggs and bacon are excellent as well.

          1. Fiasco is so romantic. Sit for a glass of wine at the bar first and then have dinner by the window. It's quite lovely. The food is solid. Calamari outstanding! I personally don't find the rest of the menu all that interesting but it's definitely solid and enjoyable. Have been quite often. I love the atmosphere.

            Having said that -- Fleur de Sel is definitely the best restaurant in Nova Scotia. The tasting menu is really fun and fresh and you feel so well taken care of. It's worth the trip and the owners are so terrific. The chef came out and said hello and thanked us for coming. Then the B&B at the top of the hill (forget the name) is really a great place --- because you'll not want to drive back to Halifax after that!

            Press Gang is great for ambience - but that's it. Food is dull. Have a drink there to see it.

            Seven is very hit and miss. The food can be fantastic - I've been many times - and then it can just fall flat. Service is always spotty.

            Breakfast -- I personally like(d) Deco for brunch. Their eggs ben. are terrific. Although - truth be told - Deco has gone down hill in the last couple of months. I don't know what they're thinking over there so maybe not so good anymore. Which is a shame because their brunch used to be great.

            I can't really think of another place for brunch/breakfast -- just stay away from Cora's. It's a ridiculous wait and it really is not good food.

            Have a really great time! Halifax is a great town.

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              Cafe Chianti is a great place for a romantic meal. The restaurant is split up into smaller dining rooms, which are very nice for a quiet dinner for 2. The lighting is low and there are candles on the table. Very lovely. (Visit <>; view the "virtual tour"


              Most importantly, the food is excellent (Northern Italian), and much more reasonably priced than Da Maurizio's and Fiasco. The service is also excellent.

              For breakfast, Sweet Basil serves a great weekend brunch. The servings aren't very large, but it is well-made from excellent ingredients. (


              Jane's on the Common ( is very popular for weekend brunch. Too popular, maybe--you'll have to wait in line for 20-30 mins to get a table. The food is pretty good and also reasonably priced. (Though it's not my favourite place, everyone in Hfx loves it).

              Agreed about Cora's. Waaaay overpriced for the standard eggs-and-pancakes-type stuff they serve. It's a Quebec chain; I think the Quebec restaurants are better than the one here.