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Aug 23, 2007 07:41 AM

From SF in PDX for a couple days-where to???


My husband and I are coming back for our anniversary because we love the food so much here! Don't tell anyone but more than the food in SF!
We loved Alba Osteria soooooooo that we are going for our Anniv.
Last time we went to Wildwood, Gotham bldg, clarklewis, noble rot (love it),
Some of the ones we missed were Higgens, Paleys place. Park Kitchen, the Carlyle, Apizza scholls.
Any of these we should not miss or ant new ones to add?



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  1. We love Carlyle. Ironically, my husband has always compared it to a SF restaurant! Apizza is wonderful, as is Ken's (also pizza) for a more casual meal. Personally, I'd pass on Higgins and Paleys. Both are fine, but just not that special. I have mixed feelings about Park Kitchen. We used to go there for brunch and liked it a lot, however, our last dinner experience there was a letdown. Some newer options you might consider are Toro Bravo, and Clyde Common. The former offers some tasty takes on tapas, and Clyde has a fun vibe, good drinks, and an interesting menu.

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      Don't overlook Ken's Artisan Pizza.

      Seriously consider Pok Pok.

      Only seven months old is Hiroshi, high-end artistic innovative sushi. Sit at the bar right in front of Hiro san and let him take you on a journey through his world. Not cheap, so consider just a few items as appetizers.

      Forget about clarklewis.

    2. Nice list! Apizza Scholls is transplendental and shouldn't be missed. You might want to add Toro Bravo (tapas), Le Pigeon, and Alberta Street Oyster Bar to your list. Try the portlandfoodanddrink blog for other ideas

      1. Definitely go to Clyde Common, and a bonus if you stay at the Ace Hotel. I would also eat at Yakuza, a cool take on Japanese food filtered through the Northwest.

        1. We've been to PDX several times in recent months and had food ranging from so-so to really great. So-so was the appetizers at Red Star downtown (we weren't getting a full meal, so can;t comment on their entrees). Much better was the seafood at South Park (also downtown). As good as anything we'd get at some of SF's better seafood places.

          But if you're heading south of the city toward Willamette Valley or toward the coast on Highway 18, the one must-dine place you have to hit is the Joel Palmer House in Dayton. Run by ex-Philadelphian Jack Czarnecki, he specializes in local wild mushrooms and incorporates them in every dish on the menu. I ate there for the first time last fall and it was the best meal I had all year. The matsutake chowder was just amazing; the chanterelle galette was equally so, and the crab cakes with porcinis was a festival in my mouth. You'll need a reservation if it's a weekend, and it's prices are on a par with SF's best restaurants as well, but you won't regret going, and it's definitely something you won't find in the bay area.

          Joel Palmer House
          600 Ferry St, Dayton, OR 97114

          1. "Higgens, Paleys place. Park Kitchen, the Carlyle, Apizza scholls."

            Yes to Carlyle (big yes, actually, it is a favorite) and yes to Apizza... skip the rest and go to Toro Bravo instead.

            Another good option is one of Simpatica's dinners (advance reservations required). Here's a post of one of their weekly e-mails with examples of three different menus: