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Aug 23, 2007 07:35 AM


Any suggestions for eating that would please kids, teens and parents alike? We are going to Foxboro for a hockey tournament. A local inexpensive Italian, American or Pub would be great.

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  1. The charlie horse in west bridgwater is a great place for kids solid food they also have big arcade can handle big parties checkout website

    1. On Route 1 south, The Chieftan is very kid friendly and fun, but does depend on how large a group you're considering. The other way on Route 1 heading north, there's a Japanese steak house that might work. You get one big table and they do the teppenyaki thing -- across the street from Outback Steak House. If you have time to go further up Route 1, the Halfway Cafe in Dedham would be very fun for a group of teens and parents. Good food. Inexpensive. Otherwise, a little higher up the price scale is Stoneforge (also on Route 1). Can seat a lot of people, but pricier, and the service isn't all that stellar. Not horrible, but considering the entree prices, they could do better.

      1. How about the Red Wing on Rt 1 in Foxboro (southbound side). Very casual dining. Heading north on Rt 1 is the British Beer Company in Walpole, which might be another option.