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Aug 23, 2007 07:30 AM

Kingston/Gananoque casual supper

Will be on a family holiday in Kingston area this weekend, and we are looking for a fun, relaxing and memorable place to eat on Saturday evening BUT NOT FINE DINING! There will be 6 of us - just for fun you might like to know that includes one strict vegetarian (no eggs but dairy is okay), one pregnant, one allergic to seafood, and three on low cholesterol diets! Based on other threads, we are considering Woodenheads or the brewpub, and are not interested in going for Indian or Vietnamese. However, the restaurant has to have table service (not self-serve) and can be located anywhere around Kingston/Gananoque. Mains under $25. Tasty food is more important than atmosphere/service. Thanks! (Wish Pan Chanco was open for supper!)

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  1. I would recommend Woodenheads over the Brew Pub - the latter is typical pub food, not much selection for the veg, low cholesterol, etc. people. Woodenheads has many choices for everyone.

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      Thanks! Can you please comment on the non-pizza options? They seem to have an extensive menu.

      Wooden Heads
      192 Ontario St, Kingston, ON K7L2Y8, CA

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        Haven't had much other than the pizza, and to be honest, there's no need to stray from pizza there. That's what they're known for! The coco shrimp is pretty good, paninis quite tasty, although more of a lunch choice. Make sure you leave some room for White Mountain Ice Cream, a few doors down the street!

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          Ooooh, tell me more about White Mountain! Homemade? Any must-try delicious flavours?

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            Yes, homemade!! They rotate their flavours often, so it depends. Here are my faves:

            Chocolate strawberry (not sure they still have this)
            amazon crunch
            chocolate monster
            chocolate sin
            chocolate white mtn mix
            fool's gold
            pb cup
            tuckerman's treat


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              i've pretty much stuck to the pizza myself at woodenheads and there are few combinations i would stay away from. i've been tempted to get other dishes but never really bothered.

              i was going to suggest atomica, but after searching to see if it still exists, it seems their service is awful and their pricing is higher than woodenheads to match the apparent pretension.

              one thing i do miss that the brewpub is their bourbon pie. similar to a buttertart, it's just lovely and even if i was just there for a pint i'd end up getting one anyway.

              white mountain i found a touch on the sweet side but certainly the best ice cream option in town.

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                thanks pp. which combinations would you avoid at woodenheads? I remember your post on the bourbon pie. Will try to convince the two moms to visit the pub after dinner!

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  i can't remember exactly, it's been a couple of years, but i do recall that the superdynamite sauce would sometimes be overwhelmingly spicy and make it difficult to eat the pizza. it could have been my low tolerance for spice however. the lobster veloute never met expectations.

                  i've only ever been to chien noir for dinner... i'd enjoyed it but often enough would find things overly salty. my understanding is that their menu and pricing underwent changes a couple years back so my information might be sorely outdated.

      2. Any opinions on Aqua Terra by Clark Restaubistro?
        I know it doesn't fit my criteria, and I've already decided on Woodenheads for supper, but just curious about lunch on Sunday. There is also the Limestone Blues festival this weekend, and Chien Noir has a blues brunch. Has anyone tried it? Or should we just stick to brunch at Pan Chancho on Sunday? Also, any thoughts on Luke's or the Delightfully Different Tea House?

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          I think lukes would be an interesting option. He might be the real life Neil Flambe.


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              how did i forget!

              he's currently 16 the story character is 13.

              luke's was merely fine when i was there but a couple years ago their namesake son took over as head chef and he is just so immersed into the food scene that he likes to play with offal, cure his own meats, etc. if you dropped them a note before you get into town, he may enjoy a good challenge from you.

              i believe... he was interviewed for the star a few months back.

        2. Any opinions on Casa Bella in Gananoque? Again I know it's fine expensive dining but it looks amazing.

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            We ended up having Saturday lunch at Anthony's in Gananoque - kind of a mistake, fairly ordinary menu of homemade burgers and fries, homemade ratatouille, and the usual diner fare. Cheap but not interesting.

            Dinner at Woodenheads was lovely, not excellent but quite good. Back patio atmosphere was absolutely gorgeous. Rioja tempranillo by the glass tasted strange. Chicken/seafood crepe appetizer (one crepe on the plate) was a little overseasoned. Pizzas decent overall.

            Brunch/lunch at Pan Chancho was quite interesting and fairly tasty overall.

            Luke's refused to let their charcuterie or anything else become take-out in case it compromised the integrity of the food so couldn't try the young man's creations as we couldn't eat in (they were closing early).

            Dragon's breath ale at Brew Pub was tasty! Their other dark ale (with light taste) arrived flat. Didn't have room for dessert!

            The 1000 islands cruise from Gananoque (3 hour tour) was supposed to include a salad dressing demonstration - well, it turned out to be an extremely short video with recipe cards available (sponsored by Kraft). What a let-down! Worst TV cooking show in history!

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              Casa Bella is about the best dining I've had around the 1000 Islands. Stev knows what he's doing.
              This is a place for food enthusiasts vs. just a casual night out. Really fine place. He changes the menu often..