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Aug 23, 2007 07:22 AM

Where to buy new/used Le Creuset lids?

My wife just picked up a 2qt LC saucier for $30 off craigslist, but it did not come with a lid. Other than the usual suspects like ebay, could anyone recommend a store, online or otherwise, that might sell us a matching lid, new or used. We live in the Boston area. Thanks very much.

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  1. There is a cookware store on Newbury Street that sells Le Creuset. They seem like more of a "mom and pop" type store who might be willing/able to get you a lid by itself. I think it's called KitchenArts. Considering the location, they have reasonable prices, too :-)

    1. You could try the outlet store in Wrentham. Maybe call first?

      1. It will probably be a special order item so the Mom and Pop type store is going to be more accomodating in getting that lid. I've never seen the lids sold seperately in stores or LC outlets. If the color is not current getting a lid that matches maybe more difficult.

        1. For cooking (as opposed to presentation) purposes one of those universal silicone lids might do the trick...

          Sur la table has them but my local kitchenware shop sells them, too...

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