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Aug 23, 2007 07:05 AM


Need to find a vegetarian restaurant for a client lunch today @12 around king and spadina. Fresh would have been ideal but they do not take reservations.

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  1. Does Fressen do lunch? on Queen just west of Spadina...or theres chinatown right there, tons of options for veggies there...

    1. How nice does the resto have to be, and does it have to be exclusively veggie or is a lot of veggie options OK?

      -I often eat vegetarian only at the lunch buffet at Dhaba (I just mentioned it in another thread. It gets mixed reviews here but I like it at lunch). It's a buffet though, and definitely not good for vegans (ghee in everything).

      My mind is drawing a blank. I work in the area but typically frequent the quikie stops (e.g. burrito joints) or bring my lunch. If I think of other things I will post. Good luck!

      1. What about Ravisoups? On Adelaide E of Spadina. Pretty casual... almost strictly take-out but it is good, and there are veggie options.......

        1. thanks guys. Everyone ended up at Fresh and got tables.

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            Have you tried the vegan carrot cake at Fresh. Yum. Just an aside.

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              ...it really is good, the icing is missing a teeny little something, probally my good freind butter, but it is still great...