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Anyone been to Stoneleigh Creek since it moved to Armonk?

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We are thinking of trying it for my husband's birthday next month...

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  1. We went on Friday night. Very busy place. The food was great as always. I saw some of the old staff, but some new faces as well. They got a great review in the NYT over the weekend and reservations were hard to come by. I am sorry they moved, but the new space is bigger and much nicer.

    1. We went last week and were disappointed. The evening started with a spilled drink on an uneven table that wasn't replaced, meandered through two well executed appetizers (a shrimp special and mussels), and ended on dinners that were flawed.

      My steak was wonderfully seasoned, but well past medium rare, and my wife's tuna was well cooked, but the piece of fish itself was very fibrous.

      Add to that an $18 dollar glass of house wine (which the house split with me after I expressed shock at the price. In their defense we had seen the wine list. I wasn't paying attention as my wife ordered hers because I was having a gin to start), and we left saying a return trip wasn't likely.

      Our experience doesn't parallel the recommendations we've heard or read, but if it was anomalous and could be attributed to growing pains and a young staff, it was enough to leave me underwhelmed for the hype and the price.

      1. I was a big fan of the restaurant and the charm of the previous location, but after a recent dinner at the Armonk location, I won't be rushing back. The food was very good, but the service was rushed and the atmosphere was bland, as though it was a converted Chinese restaurant. While atmosphere isn't paramount to me, it does add to a dinig experience. I'm hoping for a great place to take over the previous spot.

        1. My wife went with a few friends for the price-fixed lunch and everyone really enjoyed it. For around $16 you get an appetizer, entree, and dessert. My wife had the Grilled Portobella mushrooms for an appetizer and the mussels (which are $2 extra) for an entree. She thought both were very good. Another friend had the veal meatloaf and thought that was good too.

          We went this evening for dinner and I can chime in that I enjoyed it too. I had the chef's special pasta which was bowties with broccoli, sun dried tomatoes,chicken, and shrimp in garlic & oil. There was also supposed to be spinach in the dish, but I asked them to hold it. The shrimp were very fresh and all in all it was a very tasty dish. I also had crab cakes for an appetizer. They reminded me more of falafel balls. This is not a dig, but an observation. Instead of it being pan fried, it was deep fried and crunchy on the outside and moist and tasty (mostly crab) on the inside. I actually preferred it to the standard pan fried version.