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Aug 23, 2007 05:50 AM

Meat Loaf Lightener

I'm making a meat loaf tonight and I wanted to see what other people use for the "filler"
Bread crumbs? Oatmeal? I have about 2 pounds of meat ( a mixture of ground beef and ground pork) How much should I use? I'd like something to keep the loaf from being like beef flavored lead.

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  1. I made meat loaf the other day without any measurements and I used panko, which turned out nice. However I grew up with the rolled oats meatloaf and I like that better. There is a good full proof recipe for meatloaf in an old mennonite cookbook, but unfortunately its at my parent's house.

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      I've used panko also and am going to try some flavored panko that I have seen in local stores.

    2. I've always used breadcumbs (Progresso Italian style). Never really measured though, probably around a cup a pound. My In laws use stale bread that they wet and squeeze out (never figured that one out). I also add onion flakes, mozzeralla, eggs, and marinara. Wife adds ketchup and mustard and eggs (surprisingly good, adds a little tang).

      1. I save heels of bread (Pep farm etc) in the freezer and when I make a meatloaf I pop them in the toaster to defrost and dry out and then into a min chopper for bread crumbs. I usually use one fat heel for a pound of meat. Then I adjust with Progresso Italian crumbs. I also like panko but the heels are cheaper.

        1. I like oatmeal; it lightens the loaf, has a neutral flavor so you taste the meat and seasonings, it soaks up some of the moisture so your meatloaf isn't swimming in juice, and I like to think it's sorta good for you. I don't really measure, but for 2 lb. of meat I'd estimate a bit less than a cup of oatmeal.

          1. Beliee it or not, about 2 1/2 cups of crushed corn flakes adds a nice texture and flavor. Add onion, garlic, mustard, worcestershire, and a dash of soy, a little salt and pepper, and you've got a mighty tasty meatloaf.

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              Oh, and a can of undiluted tomato soup and five slices of bacon on top.

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                Seeing other recipes keeps reminding me what I left out. Two eggs in the mix. Bake at 350 for 1 hr. 15 min. -1 hr. 30 min.