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Aug 23, 2007 05:48 AM

Good food near the U.S. Open

We'll be heading out to Queens for some of the preliminary rounds of the open and would like to have dinner someplace nearby. We'll probably have our car but would still like to stay near the tennis. Especially interested in good ethnic food - Indian, Thai, great Chinese, etc but will consider anything that's really good. Suggestions appreciated!

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  1. There's nothing right around the tennis center, since it's out in a park. However, if I was you I'd simply leave my car parked and jump on the 7 train. One stop to the east (the last stop on the line) is Flushing, the largest Chinese community on the east coast. You'll definitely find something to eat there amongst the blocks and blocks of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean restaurants there. Do a search here - lots of posts every week about places in Flushing.

    Going the other direction, the 7 will take you to the Indian neighborhood at 74th St., the best Thai in the city near 69th St., and good Hispanic cuisine in nearby Corona and all the way down the line to Woodsdie.

    1. Search for any Flushing or Jackson Heights post on the forums.

      1. If you're just looking for something simple, a fabulous Italian sub with homemade mozzarella, try Leo's Latticini (Mama's) on 104th Street in Corona. It's an Italian deli--nowhere really to sit, but if you want to pick something up and eat on the fly, it's great.

        1. I totally second Mama's, try their "special", it's off the hook