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Aug 23, 2007 05:47 AM

Downtown place for dinner for 20 --for a Friday!! Help...

I need to find a place downtown for about 20 people for tomorrow night. Cuisine doesn't matter so much as a fun place for such a large group. Even outside might be ok. Ideas???

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  1. Pretty last minute for a group of 20, but try: Crispo, Puglia, Rosa Mexicano, 'inoteca

    1. THOR has a private room overlooking the dining room that can seat 20 and you guys will feel very superior to the other dinners.

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        ...and they have some of the best steak frites in town!

      2. You can try using "large group dining" to search for restaurants for tomorrow night!

        1. Barbounia changed ownership a few months ago. There's a new chef and a new menu (Greek rather than the previous Mediterranean). Though we've had good food there in the past, I haven't returned since these changes occurred. However, Andrea Strong just wrote about it and, as much as you can trust her opinion, she had positive things to say about it. Of course, it would be preferable to hear from Hounds who have been there recently. It's a large space, so accommodating big groups has never been a problem. (Strong mentions that there are now communal tables.)

          1. I know--very last minute. Thanks so much for the suggestions. i will check them all out now, and if others have suggestions please write--it may take a few tries before something works.