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Aug 23, 2007 02:07 AM

Any store in Ontario that sells hard to find chips?

I recently visited Soda Pop Central located in Whitby and I was incredibly impressed with the selection of pop drinks, hard to find sodas which you would have to drive at least to Buffalo to buy. I was wondering if anyone knows of the same in Ontario for hard to find potato chips, cheese puffs, fries etc. Is there such a place?

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  1. i don't know if it's what you had in mind but the snack food stores in first markham place and pacific mall carry lots of uncommon chip flavours (okonomiyaki, bbq pork, seafood etc) as well as chip like products (deep fried fish skin, shredded squid) and asian limited edition kit kats and other candies.

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      Thanks for the reply but I was thinking more on the lines of Andy Capps hot fries, Cheetos Flamin' hot puffs etc.

      1. re: callitasicit

        lol - that's what i figured, you mean you don't want the fish skin? i believe it comes in ketchup!!

        1. re: dannyboy

          you really should try the fish skin in chili flavour. it's not that "exotic" tasting and better than most conventional chips imo

    2. Did Soda Pop Central have any hard to get Canada Dry pops like Collins Mix, Lime Rickey and Bitter Lemon?

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        I wasn't in particular looking for different kinds of canada dry pops but perhaps you can ask the owner if you fancy. I was very impressed with the store itself, 450 different kinds of pop, incredible!!!

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          They don't list Canada Dry Lime Rickey on their website, but they do list Pop Shoppe Lime Rickey - not THAT takes me back!

        2. The Nutty Choclatier on Queen Street East in the Beach has all sorts of unusual flavoured chips from Britain. Very authentic.

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            You could also try some of the retro candy stores - Suckers, Sugar Mountain, etc. We were in one at Danforth and Pape earlier in the week and saw some real oddball varieties.

          2. I love Hawkins Cheezies, but for some reason they're really hard to find here (even though they are made in Belleville). I was pleasantly suprised to find that Shoppers Drug Mart is carrying them now. Yeah!

            1. If I recall correctly, the chocolate store on the Queen W (name escapes me right now) near Czehoskis and San has british crisps. Boy those are good!