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Aug 23, 2007 12:58 AM

Lunch close to St Paul's Hospital?

Any suggestions for affordable, relatively quick places with good food close to St Paul's hospital downtown? I'm tired of having bad sushi (but very happy with the proximity to Japa dog!).

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  1. Tokyo Joe's is good sushi/Japanese takeout, across the street from St Paul's. Can't remember the name of the street but it's a sidestreet next to the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel.

    1. There is a deli on the corner of Davie/Hornby (short walk) called the Apple Deli, They have realllly great sandwiches. Nothing super gourmet, but very good and fresh. My favorite is the cream cheese, avo and shrimp

      1. There are some good choices at the deli at IGA on Burrard and Smithe. Plus you can get fresh fruit and snack items without paying the hospital cafeteria premium.

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          Guu on Thurlow / Smithe serves lunch 12 - 1:30. Nothing like thier dinner menu. Some lunch highlights are:

          -Chicken Curry
          -Grilled Saba (fish) comes with miso soup, salad and rice $8
          -Grill Mackeral (fish) comes with miso soup, salad and rice $8
          -Grilled Chicken Donburi
          -Chicken Katsu Don

          All the lunch items are great, cheap and come out fast. A must if you like Japanese food. Note they are not open on Sundays.

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions! I tried Apple Deli the other day (avo and shrimp) and they were really fast and fresh.

          1. That is too bad that you've had a bad sushi experience :( I too work at St. Paul's and I just moved from Edmonton so I'm trying as many new sushi places as I can! Have you tried Osaka (on Burrard, just a few blocks down from Davie) or Tsunami (on Davie near the Denny's)? The are both good spots.

            PS: Never tired Tokyo Joe's but it's on Helmecken ;)

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            1. re: eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife

              I wouldn't recommend eating at Tsunami, it misses the mark in my opinion with regards to freshness, there are a few small restaurants on Helmecken which looked pretty cool when I walked by.

              If you're looking for something healthy there is also a Hyrise which looks like it might over price fruit and veg but the stuff they have looks really nice.

              1. re: foxyfreckles

                Whoops my bad - I was out on Davie on my lunch hour today and checked the name - it's not Tsunami its Towa Young Sushi, on 1215 Thurlow Street - I knew I had to be wrong cuz this place has very fresh-tasting sushi.