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Good Thai in Gaithersburg?

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What are some good Thai places in Gaithersburg? Proximity to the Holiday Inn (355 and Montgomery Village Ave) would be nice, but not essential.


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  1. Try Thai Farm in the King Farm development. It's a lovely place, and the food is pretty good.

    1. I like Thai Farm. Also, Thai Tanium in the Kentlands. Benjarong on the Pike isn't too far.

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        Thanks to both for your responses. I like Benjarong but it's a little too far -- we have a time constraint. If Thai Farm and Thai Tanium are about equal in yumminess, I'll probably try Thai Tanium -- it's the closest to the Holiday Inn. But if Thai Farm is significantly better, I'll drive the extra couple miles.

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          I rather like Old Siam on Diamond in Old Town Gaithersburg.

          Old Siam
          108 E Diamond Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877