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Aug 22, 2007 11:38 PM

Fruit Based Gift Suggestions?

I'm looking for a romantic fruit based gift for my four year anniversary. I'm pretty clueless on ideas but one that I thought of was chocolate covered fruit, but I don't know where to get any good ones. I need as many suggestions as possible, this is in the $5-100 range so almost anything should go.

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  1. Try checking with a local bakery to do a fruit tart, maybe they can spell out initials or I love you with the fruit!

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      A fruit "floral arrangement" might be fun twist on the traditional bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates anniversary gift. I saw a special on them once on Food Network, and thought they were a neat idea. I just did a quick Google and found a place called Flower to Eat that does some nice ones, but I'm sure there's loads more if you look harder.

    2. My sister sent me an Edible Arrangement for my birthday, the fruit wasn't bad and it was very impressive looking. Had chocolate covered bananas and strawberries, among other things.

      1. There might be a sharri's berries somewhere near you. Good chocolate covered berries.

        Most Whole Foods now do fresh chocolate coated fruit, as they all seem to be getting fountains.

        I reccomend getting some of the nummy chocolates from Comparte's. Lotsa fruit and chocolate nummies. Very romantic!:

        The shop is on 912 S. Barrington in Beverly Hills (don't let the locale scare you off!)

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          Re Comparte's--back in May or June I pre-ordered a few chocolate covered strawberries. Went to pick them up and they'd forgotten about my order. They had to run out to whole foods, get some berries and make them. They gave a me a discount, which was nice, but the chocolate covered berries weren't anything special.

          1. re: Snoopy

            There are other fruit goodies there. The stuffed fruits (no chocolate) glaces (chocolate) and chocolate dipped fruits are great.

            never had an order forgotten.

        2. How does the following meet your specifications ? :

          1. check out chukar cherries
            i gave them as holiday gifts a few years ago and they were delicious!
            edelweiss is good but very expensive