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Aug 22, 2007 11:01 PM

Going Away Dinner for 10 pple in Southbay Area

Hi, Im trying to organize a going away/birthday party and I'm looking for restaurants in the southbay specifically Torrance, Hermosa, Redondo, or Manhattan Beach. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Want it to be about $20 a person without drinks if possible. Open to all food choices except seafood. Thanks fellow hounds!

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  1. Usually we have large parties held at the Grand Chinese Buffet on Hawthorne and 139th St. next to Cost Plus in Torrance. If you don't like seafood, there are many other dishes to choose from. I believe the price for dinner is around $11 - 12 per person if I do remember? If you like BBQ, Lucy's is good on Hawthorne near the Del Amo Mall.

    1. Try Musha or Gaja! Both are unique and fun dining experiences.

      1. My vote would be for Belacan Grill. You don't have to order the seafood as they've got quite a variety of various Malaysian curries and noodles and satays and what not. It's a large room so you don't have to worry about space, and they've got a bar area too.

        Belacan Grill
        2701 190th St Ste 100, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

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          My only comment with Belacan is that the portions are small but the food is good. Ambience is OK for a cozy setting but I was still hungry when we left. Maybe the host didn't order enough dishes? It wasn't very crowded either.

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            You probably didn't order enough. I made the mistake of ordering too much.

            Here's my writeup plus photos: