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Aug 22, 2007 10:48 PM

Where can I find specialty baking ingredients?

Can anyone recommend a store to load up on all kinds of baking supplies? I'm experimenting with gluten-free baking, and all those bean flours and gums and starches are hard to find under one roof. Buying in bulk would be ideal. Recommendations for online ordering also welcome.

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  1. A good natural foods store should have a nice selection. To order try bobs red mill. They are great & even have fava bean flour which is hard to find & is recommended for many gf recipes by Betty Hagman. If you haven't seen her cookbooks, search them out.

    1. try integral yoga in the west village:

      229 w 13th st [near greenwich ave]
      212 243-2642

      1. I also thought of the natural food store on 13th st that ericalloyd recommended. They have a pretty extensive selection of supplies.

        Also post on the General Chowhounding board and Home Cooking (do searches first and you might find a few just from that) - there are always posts on how to find the best online sources for just about anything food related.

        1. whole foods has an excellent although not bulk, gluten free baking section with all different types of flours and gums, etc

          1. The second floor at Fairway (74th St. location) has a lot of those special flours, etc. They also have a rather large bulk section.