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Aug 22, 2007 10:15 PM

Mixed case of Champagne

I don't like weddings, nor do I enjoy shopping for them. On the bright side, I was given an assignment to put together a mixed half-case of champagne from lesser-known houses or, better yet, those that are family owned. It's very likely that I'll put all these bottles into the mixed case, or into my own cellar. Perhaps you can tell me what to expect and point out the ones that offer the best QPR.

$30 NV Henriot, Brut 'Souverain'
$24 NV Duval-Leroy, Brut
$29 NV Laurent Perrier, Brut L-P
$28 NV Louis de Sacy, Brut, Grand Cru
$45 NV Paul Bara, Brut Rosé, Grand Cru

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That Duval-Leroy is a great QPR @ $24. I like the Laurent-Perrier, but it might be your weak link from a value perspective.

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      1. Me four-- also totally dig the LP. One of the cleanest champagnes around. I don't love Henriot myself. Might also recommend Barnaut and Moncuit-- 2 small, independent grower champagnes (RM); Barnaut's in Bouzy, Moncuit is in Mesnil sur Oger. Both grand cru.

        1. Can I suggest that you add in some Jacquesson to this as well if you can get your hands on it?

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            totally agree. that is some good juice. their entry level cuvee is the cuvee 730 (might be 731 by now). for an even more special bottle, the 96 avize is a gorgeous bottling. 10 years on the lies--power and finesse all at once.

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              Thanks for the additional suggestions. I haven't seen nor heard of the Barnaut and Moncuit in any of the stores I frequent, but will keep an eye out for it. I know I've seen the Jacquesson somewhere, and will sample a bottle soon. What's the price range for these bottles?

              1. re: mengathon

                entry level moncuit and barnaut should both be in the low range of the bottles you mentioned in the OP. Jacq's a touch more expensive--probably 35-40 for the 731. The Avize, as I said, is a more special occasion bottle--if you find it retail, it'll probably be around 90 bucks. And schust is right. it totally smokes. Other than 90 Salon and 88 Krug, it's probably the best bottle of bubbles I've had.

                1. re: tacostacoseverywhere

                  Thanks tacos. I'll probably not put the 96 Avize in the mixed case just cuz I'm greedy...

                  Don't know where you are, but if you're looking for a bargain, I just checked Sherry-Lehmann online and found it for $70.

                  1. re: mengathon

                    thanks for the heads up, menga... if only i had the money to spend on wine right now... :( slow season in my biz.

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