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Aug 22, 2007 09:44 PM

Japanese Noodle House/Restaurant

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a place to celebrate my son's birthday. He's gets to choose, and has requested Japanese Noodles (Udon, Soba etc). We will be a group of 10.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!!

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  1. Do you have a price range for entrees, and particular area that you are willing to travel within? And is your son a young child, or a young adult? Do you care about authenticity, or just overall atmosphere and service?

    There are inexpensive noodle places (like the Ajisen chain -- I think it's decent but others may differ), and the price point can increase if you consider Japanese restaurants that serve a more varied menu. I really like Ematei's chasu ramen, and they have private tatami rooms, although they can easily accommodate a group of 10 in the main seating area as well if you book in advance.

    There are also some good suggestions here:

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      It will be mostly adults - 2 kids ages 13 and 14. Price is not an issue, but quality is. As for travelling, fairly central would be preferable. If we have to travel, we'd rather go north west, but probably north east is where the food it. Authentic would be preferable too.

      1. re: garlicscapes

        Then my first instinct would be to suggest Ematei (30 St. Patrick St., just north of Queen StW; 416-340-0472).

        It's not a "noodle restaurant" per se, but does have good noodles and other cooked dishes. As other posters on this board have noted, it's described as authentic (i.e. frequented by Japanese businessmen) and known more for their cooked dishes than their sushi and sashimi. If you could get a tatami room, that would be a great experience! Even if you cannot get a private room, much of the resto is partitioned, so your group can still have some semi-privacy in the main area.

        I've recommended it to Jfood newbies and visitors from Vancouver (i.e. people who expect inferior Jfood from Toronto due to their own widely-available excellent sushi) and it's always been well-received. If you or any of your party plan to order the omakase, it's best to let them know a couple days ahead. Unless you order extravagantly, expect to spend between $20-50 per person + any alcohol.

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          oh gosh - i have to second that. I love Ematei. The food is authentic and really quite a delight. It definitely reminds me of Japan.

          1. re: jinxed

            Thank you!

            I made a reservation at Ematei. It sounds perfect for everyone in the group. Can't wait to go!

              1. re: jinxed

                I also like Ematei's cooked food, lots of Appetizer to choose ! They only have one ramen, the miso soup based ramen, which is okay. I don't recall they have yakisoba (japanese styled fried noodle).

                1. re: skylineR33

                  you can request things off-menu, they might have father always asks for simple stuff...fried rice or ramen and they have no problem accommodating him!

                  1. re: jinxed

                    order simple item not in their menu ... umm .. I usually go to Miyabi for their yakisoba, I prefer it over Kenzo.

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      I thought yakisoba used ramen-style noodles, so it wouldn't hurt to ask if you were truly interested.

      2. if you want it to be a very unique experience.. you could book yourselves into a soba sunday. my understanding is the menu is vegetarian and there is only one menu.. but it certainly will be something he'll remember.

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        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Is this only at Hiro Sushi? I'd like to take my bro-in-law...I think he was in search of the perfect soba noodles when he travelled to Japan, so I wonder if this would stand up to his standards!

          1. re: jinxed

            as far as i know only hiro and only on sundays. they may have slowed down during the summer and be starting up again in the fall.

            as for ematei, really good for cooked items but i'd stay away from the sushi/sashimi... didn't find their raw fish to be as good as other places. deep fried oysters fantastic! the ramen is mediocre but will do in a pinch considering the other options downtown.