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Aug 22, 2007 08:46 PM

The Village Fish coming to Needham

Was on Great Plain Avenue today and saw a sign at the little storefront next to the CVS (pretty sure the last occupant was a coffee shop) announcing that The Village Fish is coming soon.

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  1. Village Fish is now open! I went there last night. Even though I was still full from Thanksgiving and day after leftovers, but left nothing on the plate at the new Village Fish. Straight up, no frills seafood. Open kitchen allows you to watch your lobster getting pan sauteed! Lot's easier to park than their previous Brookline location and more table too!
    And for the kids they even have ice cream dots for dessert.
    I had grilled monkfish last night because I wanted to go easy after turkey day, but I wanted to get the lobster too....but cooler minds prevailed.
    I will surely be adding to this post as I go back to try more items!

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    1. re: fmurtagh

      Are those dots things real ice cream?

      1. re: Blumie

        Not sure if the dots are real ice cream. But if it keeps the rascals in line for 5 minutes....

    2. Do they have a liquor license or are they BYO?

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        1. re: fmurtagh

          thanks - that is good and (possibly) bad

      1. Went last night for the first time. Pretty busy for a Tuesday night, probably because of the newness of the restaurant. Attractive and clean. Full Bar with big screen tv. Service provided by young high school girl understandibly uneven. Food average. Fried Calamari appetizer just fair. Seafood Diavlo and Linguini with clams in white sauce just ok, nothing outstanding. One person got the grilled swordfish pieces and said they were excellent. The calamari and seafood diavlo are far far better at Sweet Basil across the street. Won't be rushing back.

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        1. re: bakerboyz

          I agree with bakerboyz. We went as soon as they opened, and the hostess (owner?), was not helping move the line. Instead of taking names and giving an estimate of how long it would take to get a table, she would just walk by the customers waiting in line, as she worked frantically from the back of the house bringing dishes and collecting payment. With that much disorganization my husband and I felt that the food would most likely take too long, and even worse, it may be as poorly planned as the seating. Together with us, another couple left after a 15 min wait. We will not come back either. There are other choices in the area , so we will not miss trying out in a place that has an obviously poorly managed team.

        2. This is so interesting. I think the Brookline location is closed and stopped being a place to go to 5 years ago. It used to be one of our favorite places when we moved up here from NYC in the mid-90s (there was definately a restaurant drought in the city at that time!). It always makes me wonder why a certain location goes down hill and then they re-incarnate the exact same recipe and get re-energized in a new location. Maybe restaurants have a half life and people just get bored? Glad they're on their game again in west.

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          1. re: chefboyardee

            Actually as I was eating dinner I asked the same question, why did they leave Brookline, now I think I know!

            1. re: chefboyardee

              I guess I'll have to check them out for myself again, but from bakerboyz comments it looks like they relocated their mediocrity to the new location...the last time I went to the Brookline location with in 1999 and it was so poor I hadn't been back.

              1. re: Science Chick

                I think Village Fish is anything but mediocre. The food is fresh and delicious, and if you have not tried the grilled lobster you are really missing out. Not really fair to compare it to Sweet Basil, they are very different types of places. I know the owners live in Needham and I believe the move from Brookline to Needham was to get closer to home base. Needham is bursting with new restaurants and I believe they will do very well. It's a long time favorite of ours.

                1. re: Bdwayfan

                  Not really fair to compare the same exact dishes?

                  1. re: bakerboyz

                    The food was ok the service was terrible.Will not be going back.

                    1. re: babyblue

                      If it weren’t for the fact that I was given a gift certificate to Village Fish, my wife and I would not have gone. We were seated adjacent to the kitchen where we had ample view of the scraggly haired, Daytona Beach Bike Week T-shirt-wearing, chained wallet carrying “chef” who, although he was wearing his hair in a ponytail and a cap on his head, did not have any protection for his out-of-control beard whilst grilling all the food. We also had the audible pleasure of hearing the various cooks call out waitresses’ names across the restaurant in thick New Yawk accents. This was only the beginning of what would turn out to be a very unpleasant dining experience. For starters, I ordered fried calamari which turned out to be a spongy, unfried, tasteless mess and my wife got a salad which most likely came out of a bag purchased at Star Market. The two choices of dressings (Italian and Raspberry Vinaigrette) were tasteless and/or did not come out of the bottle easily. As an entrée, I ordered blackened salmon which was thoroughly burnt and also flavorless. They were kind enough to provide me with a bowl of lemon to add my own flavor. My wife ordered the steak, which was one of two “non-fish lover” meal choices. She ordered her beef medium rare but it was brought to the table still bloody and mooing. After waiting ten minutes for the waitress to come back and see how things were, she took it back to the kitchen for “more fire” (as she said to the chef). When it was brought back to the table, there was no change and the meat seemed to be, in fact, rarer than before! We both ordered the baked potato, which was a sea-salt encrusted heart attack on a plate. There was so much salt that when we were done we, as Moses did with the Red Sea, had to part the salty sea on the table to make room for dessert. When we asked about dessert, the waitress sold us on Oreo flavored Dippin’ Dots served in a martini glass. Moments later we were presented with mint and chocolate flavored Dippin’ Dots with the waitress’ apologies. When she found out that we liked the Dippin’ Dots our waitress gave a boisterous screech of happiness having found out that SOMETHING this evening had gone well. Despite these setbacks, the bread and rosemary infused olive oil that were immediately presented to us upon our arrival were delicious, the calamari was comped on our bill, and the waitstaff was very friendly. Our overall rating: D+. While pondering this grade, we tried to recall a restaurant in our past dining experiences that was quite this bad but could not.

              2. re: chefboyardee

                I also used to frequent the Brookline Village location, back in the day, it its better days *and* when I lived close by. I'd heard about another location in Arlington but never made it over there (it closed also?!).

              3. Went to village fish on Saturday night. Quite busy, had a 15 min wait. That was a little tense as those who wait are left standing in the middle of the restaurant . Kind of in no man's land. I suppose that could have been better planned out. Our dinner, that is the main course, could not have been any better, including a fair price and more that ample portions. My wife and I split the two specials of the night. Grilled red snapper, fresh, moist and delicious and the grilled tuna with an olive, red pepper and caper topinade. Cooked exactly as ordered. Both dishes had great "crusts" from their grilling and spices. The bread with oil (grated cheese and red pepper flakes already on the table) was a nice touch and they were happy to bring you as much as you wanted. Of major criticism would be what they referred to as spinach salad (which came with one of the dishes) It was truly the saddest excuse I have seen for a restaurant salad. A little baby spinach and a couple of nuts put in a bowl. And not much of a dressing choice to boot! They really need to work on that! Even if they had to charge an extra dollar or two I think people (who are really not there looking for a bargain meal) would prefer that and get a decent salad. The place itself was nice and clean and the service was fine. Full bar and a wide screen TV. We actually ran into some friends there and as I looked around everyone seemed to be having a nice time. We are sure to return.