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Aug 22, 2007 08:45 PM

Tuscaloosa Restaurant for Romantic Evening

Will be visiting this weekend from out of town.Not sure if there is a place, but would like some ideas for first date. Quiet, romantic setting with good food and wine. May be asking for too much in the land of "Dreamland".

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  1. Hopefully folks with more local expertise will chime in, but Chuck's Fish has some very good--you guessed it--fish, and the wine list was okay. Not exactly La Bernardin, but not a meat-and-three, either.

    1. Its been awhile, but I would suggest the Globe in Northport. It is consistently good, and the atmosphere is great.

      1. I have heard wonderful things about The Globe across the river in Northport and we plan to visit when in T'loosa in about a month. I checked the menu just this a.m. and it looks phenomenal.

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          Just a follow up....the food was excellent and much better than one would expect in a town the size of Northport. We enjoyed it very much and the service was good until it turned out that the 9-top they were expecting was a no-show and since we were therefore the last table in the place it became very apparent that we should leave.

        2. Evangelines -

          The Globe -

          Both look good to me for a romantic night out. Have fun!

          1. Thanks, folks, for the recommendations. Went to Chuck's since I was more familiar with that area. Excellent choice. Bartender had us seated in a private, quiet area upstairs. Had the seafood platter which was outstanding. My date had the filet which she said was wonderful. Service was great without being smothering. Definitely worth the drive from Birmingham or other close by towns!! Will try the Globe next time. Thanks, again.