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Aug 22, 2007 08:20 PM

Where would you go for a first anniversary? (KC)

Can't believe it's been a year, but it has! One year ago, on the 31st of August, we were married in British Columbia. That will be the start of our Labor Day vacation extravaganza as well. I just can't seem to come up with an interesting restaurant option. We go to 1924 Main often, so I don't really want to fall back on it. I would like somewhere that's kind of cozy and romantic. The American is out for kitchen renovations, which is fine, because I'm not sure it fits the bill. I've not been, but what do people think of Le Fou Frog? Is it anniversary material? Any other ideas? (FYI... I don't really want to do bluestem either.)

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  1. First of all - Happy Anniversary!

    Second of all - you've brought up an interesting point - I think KC is lacking in romantic chowhound destinations. Of course, what I find romantic you may not (or my husband for that matter).

    While the tables at Le Fou Frog are close together - I still found the atmosphere to be intimate. And the low lighting certainly helps. We are usually only able to do one or two nice dinner meals a year and Le Fou Frog was one of them (in 2006) - we felt it was well worth it.

    While we haven't been in a couple of years - I have always found the Vineyards up in Weston to have a nice low-key romantic feel to it. What about going to dinner up there and staying at one of the nice B&B's? If it's still in business - I would recommend The Lemon Tree.

    Hmmm - for future reference - I'll be very interested to see what other people have to say.

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      I found Cafe Trio to be very romantic, but the food just didn't wow me- it was good, but not fantastic.

      Of course, sometimes it just depends on your mood! :-)

    2. I definitely think Le Fou Frog is cozy, and I could see it as romantic, but more comfortable-romantic than elegant-romantic. I'd go there for an anniversary, but we've also gone to shrimp shack for our annivesary (not our first, though...we went nicer, and the Frog would have fit the bill...congratulations, by the way!)

      I liked the place a bit, but found it more expensive than I expected. The wine list was quite nice and reasonable, though. I've since been advised that if you go earlier in the evening, there are some pretty good, more bistro-like prices. But it's probably more romantic later in the evening.

      I posted at some length a couple months ago:

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        1. re: Aaron Deacon

          Do you know if you can take your own wine to drink at the Frog? We brought back a bottle for this occasion.

          1. re: Katie Nell

            Not sure...I'd be surprised if not, given the circumstances, but I don't know they're corkage. Would certainly be worth a call.

            Another place I just remembered is Justus Drugstore in Smithville:


            Don't remember where I'd heard stuff about this place that makes me think it would be appropriate...I'd love to hear if anyone's tried it.

            1. re: Aaron Deacon

              I can't find much information about it, not even a Pitch article or anything- their website doesn't have much info. either. It sounds interesting though.

              I just can't get excited about Le Fou Frog for this occasion- I think I'm being too picky! I made reservations at Pachamama's because I had been wanting to try their 5-course for $45, but then I found out they're not doing that anymore! Still have the reservation, but still looking as well if anyone has any other ideas. Sorry I'm being difficult!

              1. re: Katie Nell

                Yeah, it's a trick to find stuff about. Here are a few links:




                I'm really looking forward to hearing from someone on this.

                I totally get where you stand on the Frog. It's appeal (to me) lies largely in its casual refinement. Look forward to hearing about your Pachamama's meal.

                1. re: Katie Nell

                  We ate at Pachemama's earlier in the summer. This was our first time since they moved to their current location on New Hampshire. We ate from their bar menu, which was served at the bar and, for us, in the less formal dining room to the north of the bar. The menu was smaller, less expensive and a gourmet twist on bar food. Hubby had fish and chips, I had a Korean BBQ Beef sammy, our friends had burgers. We saved room for dessert, it was alright. The servers were attentive. I love the new place, it has all kinds of ambiance.

          2. Our special occasion restauraunt has been the Frog. The last time we went we were a bit disappointed, but we will definitely give it another go b/c it has always been excellent otherwise.

            I am thinking for my next special occasion I want to try Krouse Dining Room in Lawrence. JVergara posted info on it recently and it sounds wonderful. I am wondering if she found it romantic?

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            1. re: amy_rc

              It's not in KC and I've never been to this place, but I would think Les Bourgeois, the bluffside restaurant/winery just outside of Columbia would be a very romantic anniversary weekend location. Combine it with a day hiking or bike riding on the Katy trail and a room reservation in a nice B&B, it would sound like a very nice way to celebrate. Has anyone eaten there before? Congratulations!

              1. re: vsoy

                Good idea and, yes, we've been there (usually a stop at the winery next to it, then lunch, on our way to Hermann for Octoberfest). Lovely place, filled with windows with beautiful views, and good food. I like your idea of the weekend "package."

            2. I don't know about romantic resties, but I wanted to congratulate you Katie Nell!

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              1. re: amyzan

                Thanks everyone, for the congratulations! We're pretty excited! :-)

                1. re: Katie Nell

                  A booth (not a table) at Mortons can make for a romantic dinner, low lights, great service. Rather pricey though. I think the Raphael might have potential.

              2. You might try Bentons at Crown Center, or Starkers Reserve on the Plaza.