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Aug 22, 2007 07:55 PM

Your best backcountry recipes?

Just the sight of those dehydrated-meal pouch things is enough to make me gag. By the end of my most recent multi-day backpacking trip, I could eat nothing but dried apples and the occasional bit of beef jerky (I recovered with a large Coke and an entire bag of Cheetos - that's how desperate my body was for some salt, calories, and fat). Please help me find something to eat that's not too heavy, not too fuel-intensive, and doesn't generate too much garbage!

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  1. Just in support of your recovery strategy: a friend lived and worked with the Guaymi Indians of Panama in what was then (1960s) a very remote area. I recall him saying that he once immediately drank the oil from a can of tuna fish that someone brought in, showing his need for fat.

    Maybe take some suet-based preparation:

    1. The only problem with Gorp ( ) is that no matter how much you pack there is a tendency to eat is all the first day, especially if there is a lot of chocolate chips in it. Dried beef can be soaked and simmered in rehydrated powdered milk and with a decent spice mix (one of your own creation if you like) turned into something better than you would get in a vacuum-packed pouch. Are their any wild onions or other forageable goodies where you go? A little of this and that can go along way to improving the things you pack along. Careful with the wild mushrooms, however.