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Parchment Paper

Cany you buy this in a grocery store or do you have to go to a speciality shop.
Need to make a flourless torte in the am and do not have any parchment paper left, any suggestions?


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  1. Some grocery stores carry parchment paper -- if they do, it's usually located with the plastic wraps and foils (look toward the bottom shelf, if my stores are any indication).

    1. You'll find it in any Shaws or Stop and Shop -- as Harrie says, it's with the plastic wrap and foil.

      1. It's a pretty standard item among the paper, plastic and wrapping goods at Whole Foods.

        1. As above, I just bought a roll at Stop & Shop.

          1. I used to go an ask for a few sheets of pan liners at the instore bakery. I prefer them as they are flat which makes life easier. The most I was charged was $1 for about 10 sheets.

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              That's an awesome idea, since they're wider than a regular roll of parchment.

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                Now I buy a box of liners from Cirelli's. I hang a bunch of them on a skirt hanger so that they remain flat and unwrinkled.

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                  Will try the skirt hanger tonight. Thanks.

            2. Best value is Costco, though it's a lot of parchment paper. Note: we don't buy aluminum foil at Costco because it seems too thin, but the parchment paper is ...

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                Have you tried the Reynolds Heavy Duty at Costco? It's a very good value and fits really well on cookie sheets to save a bit of clean-up.

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                  My wife says that's too thick and the other too thin. The normal stuff is apparently just right.

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                  I am not sure that my Costco carries parchment paper. Where do you find it in the store?

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                    Costco website says "available at select locations", so maybe ...

                    If it's there, it's where you'd expect. I'd ask at service.

                3. Costco's parchment paper is great, however to better understand what parchment paper is and how its made, there are many baking papers that's being called parchment paper, the word parchment has become the new word for "baking paper" where in fact most of the parchment paper seen in stores are not real parchment paper, the original parchment paper means that the paper is been "parchmetized" that means its been processed and within the process is when they add the natural non stick substance, the original names of parchment paper were the "genuine vegetable parchment" GVP and that paper is real thin and very strong, it could even hold water in it and could be reused 5-6 times easily....
                  info provided by cheflebon.com

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                    Now that's more like it! While still marketing, it is informative