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Aug 22, 2007 07:18 PM

Au Gratin Pans

Can anyone help me decide which type of Au Gratin Pans to buy? I intend to use them to cook Potatoes in, Lamb Rack etc. I have looked at Falk (Copper) All Clad (SS) and Staub (Cast Iron) and Le Creuset all of which look like they will do the job. Let me know what your recommendation is.

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  1. I have Mauviel, Pyrex and two shapes of LC (oval an rectangle) and I swear by the oval LC. It has lasted nearly twenty years.

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      My favorite is a glass oval one. It might be Pryex brand, but it was made in Spain or France and the borosilicate glass from over there has a nice bluish cast. It has no handles, which means it fits in the oven or fridge efficiently, but you have to use two study potholders to get it out of the heat.

    2. We have both metal (LC type, actually Copco) and glass including pottery. I really don't find that much difference between the two types, both perform very well.

      1. I have Castle Copper, Calphalon in 2 sizes, pyrex in 3 sizes and I guess what I use depends on what I am making

        1. Corningware white is the best since it comes with lid to freeze and store and the clean-up is so easy. I have everything and the cheapest works the best!