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Aug 22, 2007 06:57 PM

Nat Porter Reopening

The Nat Porter Restaurant located on Water Street in Warren, RI will be reopening by the end of Septmember. Under new ownership this restaurant will have a fresh new menu with a new chef and staff.

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  1. Have heard that Nat's is reopening mid to late Sept. with a five partner ownership and a menu "yet to be determined". Wish them much luck and will certainly give it a try. Unfortunatly also hear not so good things about the restaurant currently owned by one of the partners. Also know that that the chef is from a good, if somewhat ordinary other local place. Nigel is leaving huge shoes to fill. Another "pub food" place is not going to make it in this location. Hope the new owners are aiming for something close to what was there. Will try it out and see. On another Warren note - Have to recind the recomendation of Feast Or Famine on Main St. The chef/owner has, it seems, lost interest in this location. Terrible meal there tonight (third such meal in three visits) - Chaotic atmosphere - Take out customers walking out without food after waiting 30 minutes after their pick up times. Ordered a meal, got something else altogether which was barely edible with the apology from the server "I thought this would be OK. If you want what you ordered it will be about another half hour". At least I wasn't charged for it. Too bad! It used to be quite good for simple food.

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      Used to get pizza from F or F when it first opened but haven't been for a while. I do walk by there frequently and it never looks very busy and always has a now hiring sign in the window. The East Bay is hurting from some great food places, hopefully the new owners of Nat Porter put a dining spot that the East Bay is lacking and in need of. There are some decent spots though, i.e. Stella Blues, DeWolf, Le Central and Perisimmon to name a few.

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        If you used to like ForF you should give it another try. It's been remodeled and the food it great. They have a new menu, but kept some of the old favorites also.

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        Here's a little information about the new owners and the menu: "upscale New England-style seafood, pasta and surf and turf fondue platters at reasonable prices."

        I've never had a surf and turf fondue platter!

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          So, the new Nat Porter opened a few weeks ago. Has anyone eaten there? We stopped in for a drink last night and the menu looked interesting. Lots of seafood, steak and pasta options. If you've been, please give us the scoop!

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            Went to the Nat Porter last Friday night with a friend. Might be because they are just getting going, or might be that we were "regulars" when the past staff was running it but I was not impressed. I had a grilled pork loin in a Madeira reduction sauce served over mashed sweet potato. Presentation seemed a bit off as it was served in a bowl with so much sauce it was more like a stew. The pork was cooked properly and the sauce wasn't bad, just a bit off-putting in the ammount and presentation. My companion ordered what was billed as a strip steak. I'm not sure what cut arrived but it didn't look like any strip steak I have ever seen. He pronounced it tough and full of gristle and left most of it on the plate. Mashed potatoes he ordered, at $5.00 for a side order never arrived. Seems odd that with some of the entrees any veg. or potato must be orderd as a side a 5 bucks each. Reminds me of NYC steak houses where if you order a steak, you get a steak. Nothing else. We were told that the sides wre "big enough for two". As it never arrived I don't know if that is true or not. The bar seems well stocked, though all we ordered was Pino Grigio by the glass - Eco Domani in a rather small pour but the price was not bad. The bartender seemed to be having problems keeping up with orders. Not a good sign on a not too busy night but again, it is still new. Did not care for the atmosphere. Techno music playing a little too loud, one too many tables in the bar area. Not like the Nat I loved. Seems like the new owners are aiming for a different crowd than the old - more the twenty-something funny color martini gang. I've spoken with friends who were also regulars previously. Most have been back and share my impressions. I wish the new crew luck and may go back and try it again in a few weeks but I know it is never going to be the old "Nats".

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              techno in a restaurant? And loud at that? I won't be bothering, unless I hear something vastly different than this.

        2. RE: the posts about the "new" Nat Porter: Give them a try now that they've been in there a few months. I went there the last two nights and had good food, not as trendy as the old owners tried for (and often failed). They have 2-for-one entree specials that really keep the price down for a nice dinner out. They don't have the website going yet, but you can read my report on them on