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Aug 22, 2007 06:28 PM

MSP: fish 'n' chips

Anyone have really, really, really good fish 'n' chips? I mean, as good as Mac's in St Paul... I'm hoping for something closer to home (the other side of the Twin Cities).

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  1. Enso, I'm not a fish and chips aficionado, but I had really really good fish and chips at the Irish fair last weekend from the booth by The Local. I've never actually been to The Local itself, but I'd say it's worth a try based on their fair fare!

    1. Jake O'Connor's Public House, an Irish Pub in Excelsior has a decent plate of fish 'n' chips. I had them Tuesday night.

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      1. re: Davydd

        Thanks, that tip also reminds me I once had some decent f&c at Brit's Pub in Mpls.

        1. re: Enso

          It's been a few years, but I remember Brit's as some of the worst F&C ever. Better to stroll across the street to the Local.

          1. re: Enso

            The F&S @ Brit's are still the best in MPLS without a doubt. The Local, Kieren's and Keegan's all use too much batter so you never taste the fish (and have arrived undercooked).

            As a point of comparison; I eat at Brit's and the Local at least once a month (futbol fan) and generally order F&S.

            1. re: Foureyes137

              Good to know that it's gotten better. I remember the batter as being more of a grease-encrusted shell, so I never went back. It's easy to miss places that get better (or worse) if you don't try them again periodically. That's one of the nice things about CH.

              Agree with Kieran's. And Keegan's has that distinctly frozen, boxed, bought-it-at-Costco texture to the crust. The only reason I hang at Keegan's is for the Sunday night folkies, the Smithyck's, and I can walk home.

              1. re: Loren3

                Loren, same here: Re: Keegans. I also go for trivia and the Guiness Stew which is good (I know, you don't eat beef). Also, the Guiness is colder than @ Whities.

                1. re: Foureyes137

                  Aren't you supposed to drink Guiness warm? ;-) I was pleasantly surprised by Whitey's. That was a good find (and should be in a different thread).

                  1. re: Loren3

                    Not me and at least in the UK you don't. Heck, the best Guiness I've ever had was Guiness Extra Cold...I wish they had it in the US. Perhaps the Irish drink it warm...that's just not appealing. I can't stand Jameson either. ;)

                    1. re: Foureyes137

                      the guinness served at the end of the guinness brewery tour in dublin was very cold, served by a tiny, ancient female bartender and placed on a white marble bar several inches thick. what really surprised me was that it didn't come in pints, imperial or otherwise-- she used little footed beer glasses, like stouter hurricane glasses, if you can picture it. different thread for sure if i keep on about it.

                      1. re: soupkitten

                        There was a thread recently in the Beer posts about "proper" drinking glasses for beer. I weighed in as one of the cynics.

                    2. re: Loren3

                      Major misconception dating back many years. I hit 21 brew pubs and public houses in England and never had a warm brew of any kind. I think Guinness promotes its drink as cold.

            2. re: Davydd

              Here is a photo of the Jake O'Connor's Public House Fish'n'Chips made with cod.

            3. Have you checked out Sea Salt in Minnehaha Park? Their fried fish sandwich is to die for, so they know how to bread and fry a fish. Even if they don't have french fries, you'll be happy.


              Sea Salt Eatery
              4801 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417

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              1. re: AnneInMpls

                Is that the same as one of their Po' Boys?

                1. re: Enso

                  Nope, the Po' Boys are different. The fried fish sandwich features a light white fish - you don't get to choose - and the Po' Boys are available with a choice of filling (catfish, oysters, and something else).

                  Hmmm... I checked their menu, and I don't see "Fried Fish Sandwich". Maybe it's the Alaskan Fish sandwich. But you can't lose with any of their fish sandwiches.


              2. People swear by Macs Fish and Chips on Larpenteur in St Paul. Never been there.

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                1. re: dlgoldie

                  I personally haven't been as thrilled by Mac's since they stopped using halibut and raised their prices. Have they gone back to the halibut recently? Plus, I think the OP was specifically looking for an alternative to Mac's--a place closer to home for home.


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    TDQ - I was at Mac's a few weeks ago - no, they did not return to Habilut - BUT, despite the fact that I prefer halibut to haddock or cod - Mac's is still a no-frills good fish joint. We also got the shrimp n' chips - it was 6 butterflied shrimp. I really do like the batter - feels more tempura style-light, but still crunchy and satisfying. I personally get the fish sandwich - and though I am a die-hard french fry fan - I just cannot get into Mac's. So, while I think the fish as fried is better at mac's - if you want the whole package - I'd stay with the Local or other Irish joints. By the way, this past weekend - Barefoot Contessa made fish and chips with homemade tartar sauce - I'm going to make it this weekend. Looks ez and delicious!

                    1. re: snoboardbabe77

                      Thank you for this update. I still long for the old halibut days, I guess, but Mac's still is a decent option for fish and chips in St. Paul, just not as good as the old days. Really, though, I'd rather get the fish fry at the Groveland Tap. Their fish is fantastic, though only available on Fridays and the fries are good, too.

                      Mac's fries were always awful. :).


                2. My experience has been that every where in town is hit or miss with F&C in town. I have not tried Bihn Mihn ( sp?) on Portland and 60th, Has anyone else? My vote for worst in town goes to the Tailgate. The only reason I went was because some freinds had a coupon. SInce they have three kids I cut them slack and agreed. The server said she loved fish and that it was great. Lo and behold fish sticks and soggy fries. This is consistent with everything that came out of their kitchen. How do you screw up a grilled cheese? Really! I know it's off of the kids menu, but comeon!!

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                  1. re: GastronautMN

                    that's what you get for eating at a place w.a pickup truck sticking out of the front of its building..

                    just kidding, but i am glad we haven't tried it yet. it's on our route pretty much everywhere (we live a few blocks from there), and i keep saying 'maybe we should try it'. now i know not =)

                    have you been to the new mid eastern place next door, shiraz?

                    1. re: GastronautMN

                      Binh Minh has a "for lease" sign on the side of the building now. I just glanced as a I drove past, so I'm not sure if they're closed or not.

                      In other news, the Grand Ole Creamery on Cedar is now open.