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Linda Vista/University of San Diego/Mission Valley

I just moved to San Diego and live near the University of San Diego. I am looking for some new spots for good food. I am not picky about type of cuisine, just as long as the food is tasty and the price isn't outrageous. I'd love to get some suggestions from people who know the area.


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  1. The union-tribune's website at www.signonsandiego.com is a great place to start with general questions for restaurants in a specific area or by specific cuisine. Failing that you can search the archive here.

    1. The Banh Mi at K Sandwiches in Linda Vista is a good bet, cheap and tasty.

      1. The whole shopping center with Viet Dong and Bale French bakery should be a stop. There's an evening taco truck in the parking lot of Joe's $.99 Store. Further north you'll find Carmen's, east side of Linda Vista Rd. a little past Mesa College Dr., stop in and try a burrito. Across the street is K's Sandwiches and Pho Pasteur. On Mesa College Dr., nearly next door to K's is Mien Treung a little hole in the wall Vietnamese place. La Basil used to be next to Mien Treung but it has morphed into Sushi Diner. Continue following Linda Vista Rd. north and it becomes Convoy St. when it crosses Aero Dr. and Convoy is home to San Diego's Asian restaurant community.

        1. a lot of people love JV's on Moreno for quick mexican food and it gets a lot of praise on this board. i tried it for the first time last week with their surf & turf burrito and while it was HUGE, i didn't see what was so magnificent about it. They did have some other items on the menu that looked good though so it might be worth a shot.

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              I have had good experiences at Bay Park Fish Co.

              4121 Ashton St
              (between Chicago St & Morena Blvd)
              San Diego, CA 92110
              (619) 276-3474

            2. I second Banh Mi, the sandwiches are great. I just tried the BBQ chicken sandwich for the first time and it was really tasty. The Nico's at the bottom of the hill near Valero gas has outstanding carne asada burritos.

              The cuban place is hit or miss; some dishes are really good some are mediocre. Probably better for lunch than dinner.

              1. As you can tell by the responses there are a number of inexpensive places to eat in the area.
                Starting at USD, right down the road where Via Las Cumbres and Friars Road meet is Mr Peabody's. Decently priced burgers and fries, uninspired selection of brews,

                Mr Peabody's Burgers & Ale
                6110 Friars Rd Ste 108
                San Diego, CA 92108

                Heading North on Linda Vista Road is Super Bronco
                6725 Linda Vista Rd
                San Diego, CA

                The mall with Vien Dong SuperMarket also houses the afore mentioned Bale Sandwich shop, Pho Hoa Hiep, and Pho Hoa Huang, along with Le's, all inexpensive choices. You'll find the Pho at Pho Hoa Hiep and Pho Hoa Huang to be totally different. There is also a Fast Food Deli in Vien Dong Market, the food tends toward the "heavy" side, but the prices can't be beat - $3.50 for a starch + 2 choices, $4.50 for a starch + 3 choices.

                The La Princesita Taco Truck occupies the parking lot of Joe's 99 cent store from about 6-630pm to 11pm daily. The address is 6882 Linda Vista Rd.


                If you are at the intersection of Linda Vista and Ulric, facing North, on the left hand side you'll notice a small shop called Mi Ngoc So1 - this is a Vietnamese-Chinese Noodle Soup shop, most items are $5.50 or less. Not the greatest of this type of soup, but it will fill you up for cheap.


                Mi Ngoc So 1
                2405 Ulric Street
                San Diego, CA 92111

                On the right hand side of the intersection is Filibertos Mexican Food. I haven't been there in a while, but they now have signage advertising "Mexico City Style Tacos".

                If you go up further North on Linda Vista Road, at the corner of Linda Vista and Mesa College Drive you'll find K Sandwich, if you've ever had Lee's Banh Mi, the sandwiches are very similar, very long bread, longer than the average Banh Mi. Also in the strip mall is Pho Pastuer. Right next to the strip mall is Mien Trung, they specialize in Central Vietnamese Soups and "snacks", excellent Bun Bo Hue, Bun Rieu, Banh Bot Loc.

                Further down Mesa College is Fil-Am Kitchenette. This is a "turo-turo" (means "point-point") joint, with several different steam table dishes daily. Not stellar, but the prices are good.2 Items and Rice for $5.50. The menu changes daily. They also open early, and serve Filipino Breakfast, stuff like Longsilog(Longanisa Sausage-Eggs-Rice).

                724 Mesa College Drive
                San Diego, CA 92111


                1. In the Morena Blvd. area, there's Lot 81, with a very hip and modernist decor and so-so food and service: http://www.lot81.com/

                  Almost next door to Lot 81 is Waters Fine Foods, with wonderful gourmet take out (Waters belong to the San Diego Slow Food Chapter): http://www.waterscatering.com/menu.html

                  In the new center at Napa St. and Linda Vista Rd., a branch of the Urbane Cafe from Ventura County is set to open soon. From the menu and web site, it looks promising. The San Diego location is not yet mentioned on their website, but the cafe is under construction and should be open in the next month: http://www.urbanecafe.com

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                    Hi all, thanks so much for the wonderful suggestions. I am really going to enjoy checking out the places you all have suggested! Thanks!

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                      wow I was unaware of Waters, thanks!