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Aug 22, 2007 06:07 PM

Mongolian bbq Orlando/Tampa

The Dish has recently closed in Tampa and St. Pete which saddens me greatly. I had never heard of Mongolian bbq before going there (sort of a create your own stir fry and watch cooks prepare it for you). Are there any others in the Orlando or Tampa area?

I recently discovered BD's Mongolian BBQ in Lakeland, but have yet to go there. Is it any good?

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  1. BD's Mongolian BBQ is EXCELLENT! I am a former resident of Michigan who always LOVED going to dinner there. I celebrated my birthday there one year at a location in Ann Arbor. Last year, I had the opportunity to dine at the location in Dearborn, Michigan. I LOVE the idea of making my own stir fry - selecting meats, vegetables, seasoning, and sauce. It's fun to hand your bowl over to the chef and watching him cook your meal. I wish BD's would open in the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area. You are LUCKY to have such a great place! A "copycat" of BD's is called Stir Crazy. It's nice, but not nearly as good.

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      Great! I'll hopefully go there soon and report back.

    2. There's a place called Huhot near the Florida Mall. It's a chain, but for what it is I thought they offer pretty good value and selection.


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        Thanks -- I'll have to give that a try. Certainly closer than Lakeland.

      2. Was Dish really Mongolian BBQ? I've never had the latter, but hated the former. (not for the style/preparation of food, more for the restaurant itself)

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          To be honest, it might not have been... I wasn't sure what that style of cooking was called until I came across BD's website. I instantly compared it to Dish, which I happened to enjoy. Sorry you didn't like it!

        2. There is a BD's in Oldsmar next to Bealls in the shopping center at the crossroads of Tampa Road and Curlew

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            There is also China Jade on south OBT. I don't reccommend however, because it is not a real mongolian bbq. This place used spatulas on a flat round grill. They also have a buffet to go with it. I wasn't real crazy about it. It had that cost cutting taste to it. You know fake crab, old crawfish lotsa cornstarch.
            There used to be a place on 436 at howel branch that was real mongolian!! No buffet except for the frozen meat and uncooked veggies and sauces. They would post recipes above the meat table for you to follow so the meal came out great. Then they used wooden sticks to cook the food with ontop of a steel hand pressed round grill powered by gas. I would love to find a place like it !

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              I suppose I should elaborate. Also, I should mention that Crazy Buffet in Altamonte serves up a pretty decent Mongolian BBQ as part of it's very varied selection. At about $20 for dinner, as I recall, it's pricier than Huhot, but you get a lot more.

              Huhot is a Midwestern chain with only one Florida location, but apparently comparable to BD.
              There's a huge, full liquor bar and lots of TVs, a la spoprts bar.
              The protein selection is very varied -- which I think is part of its downfall -- with semi-frozen, mostly shredded chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, scallops and alligator as well as a ton of fresh veggies, a selection of different noodles and 10 sauces.

              The normal impulse is to over mix, ending up with compicated glop. It's all you can eat for $12 at dinner, so I suggest two or three plates of very simple, uncomplicated mixes such as shrimp and ginger and hot sauce, beef and snow peas and kung pow, etc. Don't get carried away. Of course, if it turns out to be glop, go back and try again.

              It's nothing like real Mongolian BBQ, which Americans wouldn't eat anyway, and the sort of contemporary style that The Dish tried to make work.

              Not really a crowd pleaser for me, but if you want it bad enough to drive from Tampa, try Huhot and then try Crazy Buffet.


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                There is a Crazy Buffet in Tampa as well. You already expressed my opinion of Mogolian BBQ though. Glop. I love sushi and sashimi and will eat raw fish all day long but make me pick raw meat for you to cook for me with vegetables and other things and I am not eating lol