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Aug 22, 2007 05:46 PM

Pearson's BBQ at Legends Bar, STATUS?

The most recent postings that I can find about pearsons/legends was in 2002. If you live in Jackson Heights or elsewhere in Queens and know anything about the status of this place please let me know!

I went there about 9 months ago with my boyfriend and we had an absolutely awesome meat-gasm. Plus we chatted it up with the owner and got some beers on the house. However, when I called a few months ago I heard that the BBQ was no longer there. Have I just been lied to?

Someone, please, throw me a bone!

Or...let me know your BBQ favs in the city. I like and cheap, dirty, and family owned places. No brother jimmy's or dallas bbq. Thanks!

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  1. It's Ranger Texas BBQ now. Pearson turned it over to his employees and after some initial growing pains they're turning out some good Q again.


    1. as stated below, Ranger -- which is run by the guy who cooked at the JH Pearson's for its entire run -- is open and hitting on all cylinders. i had negative experiences right after the opening, but since it's just a couple blocks from my home, it's been easy enough to return and be pretty blown away. brisket and ribs are better than the pork. they're closed on tuesdays.

      1. I live a block away from The Ranger as it's now known and it's a pale comparison to the once great Pearson's. I've been there off and on over the past couple of months since the changeover and it's really nothing to rave about. I miss the different BBQ sauces and the excellent pulled pork and brisket they used to bust out. I find the brisket consistently bland, and everything else consistently inconsistent.

        I do love the bar though and the cast of characters that run through the place. Jerry, Coach and all those guys are great - and always shout free drinks to regulars and semi-regulars. It's just a real deal, unpretentious neighborhood bar.

        Also no offense to the chowhounds above - it's all just a matter of personal preference, and I totally respect their opinions. I may just be a bit jaded because I worked at Smokey's in LIC, when Pearson's changed over to Ranger, because I loved the Q there and wanted to learn more about it. Sadly though alot of people didn't think much of Smokey's and it went under...Again to each their own.

        1. I love Texas Ranger BBQ. I usually go once a month. I think their ribs (pork and beef) are the best, although the brisket has consistency problems (it's usually still pretty good, but occasionally dry.) Don't get the pulled pork -- that's the worst thing they have there in my opinion. The ribs are always nice and smoky, and very meaty.

          They still have the different BBQ sauces (mild, medium, hot and insane, or something like that).

          1. I've followed Pearson from it's origins in Stratford CT (with a shortlived mistep in Stamford) to LIC to various NYC outposts to Legends thru it's various ownerships.

            Thru up and downs over the years, who's perfect, it's been mostly ups.

            Currently it's very up. Within inches of the peaks achieved by Robert Pearson at his manic best.