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Aug 22, 2007 05:24 PM

Persian Cucumbers, Pasadena

Where can I buy Persian cucumbers in Pasadena?

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  1. Is there a Jon's near you? They carry them.

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    1. re: jencounter

      The only Jon's near me (that I know of) is on Glenoaks between Alameda and Western in Glendale. I was hoping for somewhere in Pasadena proper, but thank you for mentioning Jon's. :)

    2. You can also buy Persian cucumbers at most Armenian grocery stores in Glendale. Try Pacific Foods on Pacific just north of Glenoaks or Avakian's on the corner of Glendale Ave and Chevy Chase. I have also seen them sold occasionally at Trader Joe's.

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      1. re: mrshankly

        Thank you. I have never seen them sold at Trader Joe's, but I will look for them there.

      2. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or the farmers' market on Saturday (Jaime's has them, they're toward the end of the temporary location).

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        1. re: onebite

          Thank you. I will check out Whole Foods, too. I wonder if Wild Oats Market on Lake and California in Pas also carries them. What about Gelson's on Colorado in the Paseo Colorado?

          1. re: Clinton

            The closest 99 Ranch would probably be in Alhambra. Thank you.

          2. I even saw some at Costco every so often.

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            1. re: justagthing

              Really? That's cool. I didn't know this. Thanks. :)