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Aug 22, 2007 04:39 PM

Wedding Food Question

Currently we are looking at hotels for our wedding. Here is the criteria:

Must be downtown- no suburbs whatsoever.
Must be able to accommodate 100-125 guests.
Must be able to keep the cost per guest down to $225 or less.
Must be willing to customize the menu, but especially the alcohol (we refuse to have our guests drink house wine- we'll bring in our own wine if need be)

Right now we are between the Park Hyatt and the Allegro- have you been to either for a wedding and what did you think? Besides the Drake and Intercontinental are there other places you've been for weddings that you think we'd be missing if we didn't visit?

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  1. Hubby and I got married last December in Vegas and held our reception celebration a couple of weekends ago at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers. We had 100 or so people.
    They were more than willing to customize the menu. Their chef sat with us through most of our tasting. We ended up turning one of their 3-course packages into a 4-course meal. We requested that they do something 'without mushrooms' for the orzo that was served with the filet & lobster with the main course and the chef offered to do onion and feta instead - and it was very tasty. We also customized our bar items with specific liquors that we knew both we and our guests would drink (I had to have my favorite rum). Less than a week before, we also asked them to add an hors douvers that would be passed during cocktail hour.
    They were very accomodating as I'm sure either venue you are thinking about would be.The price there was around $200 per person.
    We also hired their Eved services to take care of all the decorating and details which neither of us had the time or patience to deal with. Overall we felt they did a great job. We basically picked the food and booze and booked a band. Their banquet dept and Eved took care of everything else.

    1. Try Chicago Cultural Museum's really lovely ballroom on the top floor. You may have to use their own caterer, but generally they are the good ones - Food for Thought or Blueplate.
      Use Elite for linen service - they are the best and even the "planners" use them - ie. Eved, Meetinghouse, etc.

      1. Try the Pennisula, also.

        Whatever you do - MAKE SURE YOU GET AN ALCOHOL CREDIT FOR THOSE UNDER 21 off of the package.

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          We are not allowing children at our wedding, thus this is a non- issue.

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            The issue to us has been the use of caterers. We only have one caterer that we like in Chicago and has been able to meet our requirements. Too many of the places require their caterer, all too often which have awful reputations.

            1. re: jpschust

              The park district has some absolutely beautiful venues, but again you have to choose from their list of about 20 different caterers.

              Have you thought about the Palmer House? I don't know about the food (probably standard Hilton quality), but some of the event rooms are gorgeous.

              1. re: Roger Spark

                We looked at the park district locations, the problem is keeping outsiders out of our event.

                1. re: jpschust

                  The South Shore Cultural Center, Promontory Point Field House, Columbus Park Refectory, Berger Mansion etc. are all buildings with limited access, plus you are required to hire a security guard. I have been to events at these facilities and have never seen outsiders crash them. I even recently attended an outdoor wedding at Humboldt Park, where keeping outsiders away didn't seem to be a problem. Personally, if I were planning a wedding, I would have it at Promontory Point or the Jackson Park Beach House (both overlooking the lake), but then again there is the issue of having to use an "approved" caterer.

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