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Aug 22, 2007 04:24 PM

Ordering at moto?

I am going to moto on Saturday night and am not sure what to order. I've never tried a tasting menu before nor have I tried such an experimental restaurant. How many courses should I go for? Is the 5 course too small? Is the Grand Tour too big? Is it worthwhile to get the wine pairing or is it better to order a glass or two of wine? Any other suggestions/tips?


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  1. I've eaten all 3 menus there- It's almost exactly the same amount of food in each menu- the 5 has more food per course than the 10 does and the 10 has more per course than the GTM. You are best directed to do the pairings.

    FWIW, I have enjoyed my experiences there so much that I asked the kitchen to allow me to propose to my girlfriend in the kitchen. They allowed me to and now we are engaged.

    1. We took my sister and a cousin there for dinner last spring and our philsophy was: "go big or go home!" That being said, we did the GTM with pairings. It took a little over 4 hours and we were all impressed by the textures, flavors and temperatures of everything. It was like foods you know prepared and served in ways you couldn't imagine. We were equally impressed by how well the pairings went with each course - definitely do that no matter which tour you go with.

      JP: congrats on your engagement!

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        Thank you both for the feedback. And congrats, jpschust!

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          Thanks!. Just a note, all servers are both serving and doing part of a stage to work in the kitchen at some point, thus they know what's up with the cooking. You can ask them whatever questions you want and they will certainly be able to answer.