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Aug 22, 2007 04:07 PM

Memorable food from this summer's fairs?

I'm a huge summer fair and festivals person, but I hardly get to indulge my appetite. My husband regales me with stories of the corn-on-the cob machine he discovered at a fair in Minnesota when he was a child. For .10, you could watch your corn cob drop into a vat of butter and be served to you hot in a paper boat. Anyone else planning to go to a fair this summer (or autumn or winter), or willing to share food stories from fairs already attended (either recent or long past)?

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  1. The most recent item that jumps to mind was the shwe yin aye (literally, something like "makes you cool") at the Rakhaing Thingyan Burmese Water Festival, in a junior-high schoolyard in Manhattan (see photo below). We have such a variety of fairs and festivals in the New York area -- -- that I regret the summer weekend when I attend only one or two!