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Aug 22, 2007 03:46 PM

Mango Grill Watertown

This place opened in the old location of Casa de Pedro on Main Street next to Not Your Average Joe's. The menu boasts "fine latin cuisine". They have been open for about 2 weeks. A friend and I had lunch there today -- chicken quesadilla for my and cubano sandwich for my friend. The quesadilla was very good -- lots of cheese with cube size bits of chicken. It wasn't very spicy but good tast and a generous amount of lettuce tomato, sour cream an guac alongside. Price was $7. DC liked her Cubano as well. Not the best she has ever had but very good. It came with fried pickles which were quite tasty. Same price I believe. DC ordered flan for dessert. It was bland and we didn't finish it. Total including soft drinks and coffee was $23. We went at noon and there were only a few other parties. The menu had a good variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and lunch entrees. The waiter was excellent. I would definitely go back.

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  1. I was disheartened several months ago when a sign went up in the empty space announcing "Coming soon, Mexican/Italian cuisine." Thankfully, they seem to have thought better of that concept and gone pan-Latin instead.

    Went for dinner last night. The menu is fairly similar to La Casa de Pedro, but downscaled somewhat and significantly cheaper. They have a covered outdoor patio area, and did not appear to have a liquor license.

    We had (sorry if I butcher the spanish):

    Salada de la casa : tasy green salad with chunks of mango, pineapple, and ham.
    Pupusas (pork & cheese version): good corn flavor, the pickled cabbage and sauce could have been more exciting.
    I don't rember the name of the entree, but it was a skinless chicken breast with a mango sauce, served with rice and a very good side of diced vegetables. The chicken was a little bit dry, but the sauce made up for it with tangy sweetness.

    This place is competent and cheap (entrees ranging from $7.50 to $14, with one seafood-heavy dish which was $18.50). Our dinner, which was a salad, a small entree, and a large entree, fed two people for about $30. All in all, a welcome addition to Watertown Square, which deserves some followup visits.

    1. Any updates on this place recently?

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        They now serve beer and wine. I went back for dinner and was disappointed. DC and I both had a beef and egg dish that was tasteless. We had to ask for salsa to make it the least bit appetizing. The atmosphere at night is poor as well. At lunch it is not so noticeable but at night it's too bright and cold feeling. I won't go back.

      2. Does anyone know the status of Mango Grill? I know that they stopped serving lunch a while ago, and the past few evenings that I've driven by, the place has not appeared to be open. Did the restaurant go out of business?

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          Don't know, but I have to amend my review above by saying that two subsequent visits were disappointing in both food quality and service. I would much rather spend the few extra dollards at Casa De Pedro's Arsenal location.