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Aug 22, 2007 03:38 PM

Nola Food Now

I am headed to Nola in October, to meet friends from far and wide (Chicago, LA, Bay Area) and EAT (well, maybe drink enough to wash it down too...)

All hail the old guard palaces, but can anyone let me know where to eat a little more casual and local ? My friends are not the table cloth types, but really do like good food.

We were there last in the spring before Katrina, and I really miss it.

Thanks a million,

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  1. Go to Cochon. Do a search and you'll come up with all the rave reviews. It's casual and still largely a locals place.

    1. Local, casual, and favorite kinda places. Liuzza's by the Track, Liuzza's (on Bienville), Ye Old College Inn, Crabby Jack's, Domilese, Parkway Bakery, Lil Dizzy's (on Esplanade or downtown), Bozo's, Harbor Seafood (in Kenner)....I think NOLA does inexpensive/casual better than most towns in the US.

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Would Mandina's qualify? It's on my list, and I've always been under the impression it was more casual. Can't wait to go later this fall, btw.

        1. re: kmnola

          Yes, it is casual, too, but the menu's pricing point is slightly higher than the bulk of places I listed above.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Thanks Celeste!

            At this point I'd like to add my two cents for Domilise's and Crabby Jack's. I have to agree that there are many great places in this city with a casual atmosphere and exceptional food. Barclaypie, I hope you have a great trip. Don't be afraid to try something new that might not be listed on this board. I've been here for several years and I'm still discovering wonderful new places.

            1. re: kmnola

              Thanks a million, my goal is 30,000 calories in 4 days, so I will make a thorough report if I survive.

        2. re: Hungry Celeste

          Thanks for that, HC - N.O. is so fortunate to have this category of real places alive and thriving. I've noticed that in other cities, increasingly the contenders are the depressing chains. Of course, I guess that probably means that there was little good indigenous food to begin with. Don't you just love N.O.'s famous history of eschewing corporate food?

          1. re: Hungry4Good

            Adding to the list: Casamento's (which is opening soon after the summer closing), Rocky n Carlo's out in the parish (good if your friends need a disaster tour, too), Bon Ton (tablecloths, but unpretentious & welcoming), Domilese, Dooky Chase (an institution, soon to be open to regular diners & not just the Prez), the Galley on Metairie Road, R&O in Bucktown (you can see the infamous 17th street canal & new pumping stations up close)....

        3. Dick and Jenny's. Don't know that Lolas on Esplanade qualifies as local, but it's good (lots of garlic), fun and cheap. Jacquesimos would also be fun.. Decent food and a lot of color. Johnny's po'boys in FQ. Casamentos, Bozos ,Dragos (Metairie location)Parkway.